Conspiracy Theory: Swine flu was an attempt to kill Obama?

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  1. Everyone keeps mentioning that the guy who shook hands with Obama died. The incubation period for the virus is supposedly 48 hours. Maybe the missing bio-agents from Fort Dettrick were used to infect Mexico and make a passive attempt at killing Obama and all the other white house staffers?

    I've always thought of Obama is a real insider, seeing as how the media picked him out of nowhere. But perhaps he's just a fall guy designed to take the blame. The true insiders, which I believe he is doing his best to appease, could possibly want to affect him.

    The other theory is that the insiders want us all dead via this manufactured virus so that certain drug companies (who are immune from vaccine liability) get a major boost in sales.

    If Obama dies, this country will go absolutely crazy and could even break down.

    Just speculating. Fellow conspiracy theorists, please chime in.
  2. Oh, and I find it crazy that the government is already talking about the economic impact of millions dead already. [The tie-in to this forum.]
  3. Wouldn't they go for something with a higher lethality? Ebola or something?
  4. Not if they wanted to get away with it, or send a message. The advantage of a mildly-lethal, time-bomb virus would be that they could get rid of all of their political enemies stealthily.

    Note: I am aware this is rampant, wild speculation. It's just a theory.
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  6. That air plane low altitude flying-by is kind fishy. :D scared shit-load of people in New York, and media didn't chasing it, instead swine flu. :D of course, Obama made a timely apology, think media gave him a break in front of his 100 days in office.

    check out youtube video about that plane, look like 2 fighters jet F16 were chasing a Big plane, funny, yet scary.
  7. This would then explain the mass graves being dug and the rumors of setting up for marshall law. It's all tying together.
  8. I truly do not believe this was some natural virus. I don't know the motives, but the media getting involved like this is a total tip-off that the insiders are upto something.

    The media always lies or spins. The question to ask is why, and for whose benefit.
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    the video i posted explains it.
  10. Maybe americans in general have been exposed to the virus components for the last year or so, through vaccines and normal seasonal strains, building up an immunity that no other nation would have. Then the gov. releases the lethal combo, infecting the world, killing tens of millions of people to control the population, while americans mortality rate is extremely low.

    Kill off immigrants, and our middle eastern enemies by the droves.
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