Conspiracy Theory - Gulf Coast OIL SPILL

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AMT4SWA, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Government was the last hope the little people had at reeling in
    the ambitions of guys like Cheney and Halliburton. Now that its out of the way its open season on us all.

    Deny the possibility of conspiracy and let them know you do, then abandon all hope.
  2. ......and don't forget obama's BP ties..........
  3. The first video is 15 minutes long. After 2 minutes, I shut it off. It looks like one of those brain-washing videos. [​IMG]
  4. When I first heard of the rig's explosion....

    I thought, "Could it have been done intentionally"?

    Since, Odumbo has (1) banned/restriced Gulf and off-shore drilling as "too dangerous environmentally", and (2) loaned $Billions to Brazil and Mexico "to drill in the Gulf"... you know, where it's "too dangerous" for American drillers...

    Just another ploy to "distribute the wealth"... and could the rig have been sabotaged to promote this goal?

    ("Not possible", you say... because 11 workers got killed? What's 11 lives when there is an "agenda" to be promoted? Same thing applies to 9/11, in case you're a little dense.)