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  1. early in the recession of the 1980s it seemed every night on the news there was an
    announcement of another company filing for 'Chapter 11'
    wth was chapter 11 ? 'The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978 was passed in 1978 and
    took effect on October 1, 1979. This act, which continues to serve as the uniform
    federal law that governs all bankruptcy cases today, substantially revamped
    bankruptcy practices. A strong business reorganization Chapter was created:
    Chapter 11. (This replaced the old Chapters X, XI and XII that had been created by
    the 1898 Act and amended by the Chandler Act.)'
    now it may have been possible for companies to have filed successfully with the
    1898 Act but it seemed to me at that time remarkable that Chapter 11 had been
    'created' when it was, to 'manage the financial problems of the early 80s' that
    would have sunk the ship had it not existed, definitely staving off a depression
    (watching: the 2005 personal bankruptcy act will be repealed)

    present: Bernanke joined the administration in 2005 - Chairman of the President's
    Council of Economic Advisers and 7 months later became Fed Chairman in 2006
    elsewhere i wrote:
    " Bernanke appears to me a man wanting to catch a bus, staring into space trying
    to remember the bus timetable, having forgotten the day of the week and not knowing
    what time it is, and I wonder why this much touted expert on the Great Depression
    was hired as Fed Chairman —
    did someone know then what we’d be experiencing now ? "

    so the 'conspiracy' began at least as early/late as the summer of 2005 when some
    one during the discussion about what would be hitting us now said 'hey, i know of a
    guy that knows about the Great Depression, we should get him', but of course it's
    been all Paulson - with Bernanke tagging along like some recently obedienced dog -
    who's been telling Congress and us what's to be done
    (Bernanke isn't that smart is he that it was he who got Paulson hired in 2006
    mind you - famous last words spoken in 07: "An open, competitive and liberalized
    financial market can effectively allocate scarce resources in a manner that promotes
    stability and prosperity far better than governmental intervention." Secretary Paulson)

    Speaker Pelosi was on the Charlie 'the mouth that never shuts' Rose show friday -
    check your pbs station as it might be broadcast monday - KCTS Seattle - relating
    some of the crisis process from her pov, how in asking for action on friday the feds
    were told 'comeback monday' and replied 'that will be too late'. Pelosi et al were
    given the analogy the economy had suffered a heart attack and needed emergency
    open heart surgery; now ohs is a fairly safe these days and few deaths occur during
    the proceedure, they occur for various reasons after surgery
    Pelosi's final interesting remark about the 'patient' was that they just don't know
    yet if the patient has cancer

    on Oct 3 Bob Shiller - house index - was on Consuelo Mack's 'Wealthtrack' show broadcast on the PBS network
    and provided such answers as: "As an index number creator, it's not appropriate
    for me to give quantitative predictions of my index . . . "
    and became a deer caught in the headlights when asked -
    " CONSUELO MACK: Bob, you just said you would be very careful with your
    investments, whether it's your real estate investments or your financial investments;
    so elaborate a little on that. Why are you saying that? And how careful should we
    BOB SHILLER: First, I'm a professor and not a financial advisor.
    CONSUELO MACK: I know that.
    BOB SHILLER: I defer to financial advisors. People should get a financial advisor. But
    my own personal take on it has been to withdraw somewhat from risky investments.
    and: BOB SHILLER: I hate to -- it sounds a little unpatriotic for me to say to be
    defensive " until monday
    i admit you'd have had to have seen the show to appreciate how choked Shiller was
    but it got me thinking of the also academic Bernanke and wondering if he's already
    frozen, and but for - love him or hate him Paulson - 'the fate of the nation . . . ' . . .

    once the new president is elected Paulson, President, Pelosi et al will have about
    10 weeks to work on economic plans before Paulson leaves, and i have to wonder
    if the great minds of 05 are as confident about their choice of the Great Depression
    expert, of course the depression hasn't arrived yet, Bernanke's forte may yet appear
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    The more i study "Revisionist History" (which is just a euphemism for credible, documented fact buried by Media and committed to the Memory Hole - until now), the more inclined i am to give serious consideration to any evidenced cover-up.

    The Truth Liberates.

    Our enslavers know this and KEEP THOSE BLINDERS LOCKED.

    Any rational thinking person who adopted a modicum of skepticism towards "Official" dogma, would be absolutely floored by past terrors and planned horrors stored away for us good Sheep.