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  2. 49.3%... and these guys are voting and reproducing... scary... how many nukes u guys still got in storage again?
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    Nutjobs> What did Teller say? "whack themselves off to their ideas.." something like that. Scary that they are allowed to walk around.
    Benefits of a free world.... I guess.
  4. yeah.. penn and teller... giants in intellectual pursuits. almost as credible as the amazing randi. LOL LOL LOL no greater sources than has-been magicians. too funny!!!!

    their slight of truth is as tired as their act. cherry picking fools to debate seems to score well with elite trader's greatest minds, sad. LOL LOL LOL

    magicians like randi are just as bad as the charlatans they debunk. his methodology is woefully unscientific. what is odd is how the little man is almost as creepy as teller.
  5. at least find a credible source. well in know u cant do much better than that. in the end that's all u got.
  6. They were a lot funnier when they stuck to the demeaning /inflicting pain on the weeny guy double act.

    Instead of inflicting pain on the audience......their entire "bullshit" series STANK.
  7. I'm calling Bullshit that a sitting american president would spy on his political opponents. I dare's just total bullshit. That doesn't happen in america!! No...I'm calling bullshit on that. Are people retarded?!!'s america.....the government doesn't spy on its people....that shit happens only in Iraq. I mean, that's why we're in Iraq....because Saddam was spying on his people.....

    Yet another Retard trying to debunk proof of american government complicity by uttering a never ending stream of nonesense. Yes that makes sense!! I'll just utter bullshit in every line and it'll all dissapear! Actually that does work. :D
  8. Yeah, and if it were more than that %-age we'd not have this moron in the Whitehouse.

    What's scary is so many ppl let themselves be lied to and herded into a new kind of citizenship.

    Who's the fat guy with the black goaty anyway? Who's paying him?

    No substantial stuff in the video, only ridiculing people who won't eat the standard fare the gov is trying to feed them. People who have questions and are trying to come up with explanations.

    Mark my words: unless you USsers keep very alert in a few months doubting the official strory will be forbidden and freedom of speech is over.

  9. A little late, dont ya think?
    The legislation is already there.

    Btw, it was "too late" back when vaudeville died (so it should have, it sucked) nothing much has changed.
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