Consolidations - intraday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by inandlong, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. This is a thread for members to submit intraday consolidation candidates for other members to take advantage of if they choose. Provide supporting evidence if you want to.

    MCD 15 min 5 bar consolidation on the 200 sma
  2. GE 15 min consolidation at the 20 sma
  3. INDU 15 min 4 bar consolidation
    -I'm guessing the YM is doing the same?
  4. Ditch


    es congesting for 60 min in 2.25 range
  5. That worked out pretty well!

    MCD 15 min 8 bars
    GM 15 min 3 bars
    BEAS 15 min 8-10 bars
    SLB 15 min 5 bars
  6. CSCO 5 min 6 bars and right on the 40 sma
  7. SP500, Dow30, Nasdaq... for you index traders, this has to be the set up of a lifetime. Friday's action as represented by the 60 and 15 min charts should lead to something fairly tradeable.
  8. I'm short 1K SLB @45.65 from Fri. Hoping to cover on the 1st dip <45.10 on Mon if theres one. :)

    Will short GM if it hits >37.85.
  9. For sure..I am eyes wide open for the break out in either direction. I do believe it will happen once all of us are lulled to sleep. Therefore I will be popping "nodoze" early monday morning until friday afternoon.
  10. GM 15 min 6 bars and pinned between the 40 and 200 sma's.
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