Consolidation is over

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rowenwood, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. My market news commentator seems to think so. I seem to think so. I'm buying my first options. I'm ready for an incredible next three weeks.
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    I would wait with buying calls right now.

    Earningseason will kick off and if we don't see what everybody is expacting we can get some durty surprises.

    I wait until 1/4th of the S&P has reported and then I go with the trend.
  3. Prudent. I'm actually buying stock and waiting until after friday's job report to buy my calls. I will be noting earnings reports.
  4. Isn't this the first strong up monday in over month? Volume is good too.
  5. A 2% move across the board is not worth trading???

  6. Waggie, I'd love to read a complete summary of your thoughts regarding the current activity of the markets. We'll have to wait for a few days and see if your spx 1087 was the bottom called.
  7. If I were a shorter I would be cringing from looking at how the DJI intraday chart is forming.
  8. You know how ET is Rowenwood . . .

    The "Trend Faders" and "Chapabraca/Manolo/James Stocks" of the world only show up on BIG DOWN DAYS!!!

  9. Where's the day after sell-off? Hmmmmm.
  10. People seem to be quite bullish all of a sudden after a couple days of bounce. But I'd guess what was once support is now resistance, Q's kissing the 50-day MA from below seems more like a shorting opportunity (go with the trend, right guys?) :) JMO
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