Consistently profitable trader looking for a firm to trade with.

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by 50cent, Oct 7, 2011.

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    Hello, my name is Terence Wu. I have been a series 7 licensed proprietary trader in NYC since 2006. I took some time off to travel the world after my firm was bought out in 2010. I am looking to get back into trading and was looking for a firm, fund or any institution that would give me an opportunity. Some career highlights include being profitable every single year since I started in 06, 89 consecutive days of profit, my best year was 165k in 08 my best day ever $6000 on 400k shares worst day ever -1200 on 60k shares. Trading is the love of my life I eat sleep dream about it. I want to take my trading to the next level weather it be with an institution or the right mentor. Attached is my resume any one interested please contact me at Thank you very much
  2. If you want people to take you seriously you might want to reconsider your screen name.
  3. Who wouldn't take 50cent seriously... he got shot 7 times and still alive man..
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    Strange, if you are so hugely successfull in trading why don't you trade for yourself and keep all the money?

  6. He trades at a "prop" firm, Lynx Capital partners (ugh!). Why would he need leverage, he already gets 20x or so.

    He is either tired of Shady Eddie or he is not making money anymore and wants a salary.
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    Its more like i want to find a place with traders who are skilled that i can learn from and grow with. Any place that would offer a draw or salary in return for portion of payout would be good too but im mostly looking for a good group to join. Yes Bp rates esginal ect would be desirable but I want to learn from some top traders who are making serious money. Just trying to reach out to see if anyones out there