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  1. The P&L has to be marked, you ignorant twat. Pray-tell, what does the open P/L represent?

    OMFG; "within days of each other"?! It would mark the peak if they were a second apart. The 1.5mm [actually more] must appear on the equity chart you train wreck.

    I submit two proofs thar iloveoptions/tarek katbi is suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome:

    1) You declined an even-money bet in which you assumed you were undermatched. Either too ignorant to accept the +expectancy, or in reality you assume you're overmatched.

    2) It took me 30 seconds to find your equity chart was incorrect. Something you were unaware of for three years.
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  2. OMG, If that's the case arby boy, then what you're suggesting is that all the graphs on C2 are wrong!! Seriously, you need to see a shrink tomorrow, and they need to work on shrinking your brain even further as you don't deserve one.:D
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  3. Train wreck: I can't take devote any more time schooling you in 3rd grade maths. The open PnL is a netted number. It reflects a loss of $825,000 in this case. This must be subtracted from Closed PnL to arrive at your net equity. I am truly embarrassed that you're trading fantasy funds. Think of it algebraically; there must be an "x" to mark the loss.

    The fact that your argument hinges on the veracity of C2 charts is even more laughable.

    Your parents should be arrested for procreation via incest.
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  4. Mother fucker, you're lucky you're not standing infront of me, seriously. Leave my parents out of this you crass ass with no class. People like you make the world a terrible place.
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  5. They're still humping? How else do you explain your extra chromo? I should call the OH State's Attorney. Tell them to cease and desist.
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  6. What would you do? Beat me with your "I Am Special" pop-up book?
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  7. No, but my parents were kind enough to give me the chromo that knows how to do this:

    Instead of this

    And that's all I need. Once you learn how to do that the right way, check back with your shrink once again to insure you're still not delusional.:eek:
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  8. You mean the system that beat you by >110 bp? The contest in which you came in dead-last with a -47% return?

    Bro, I am serious... there is obviously some deep-resentment towards your parents [being kind here]. I can refer you and your saber-toothed "parents" to a top geneticist. Nothing can be done, but it would do wonders in your understanding of the family behavior. Feel free to bring your pop-up book, or perhaps your blanky.

    Seriously, keep it in mind -- I am as close as a PM. I am here to help!
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  9. How can you help anyone if you can't help yourself first???:eek:
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  10. Your BA failure is a direct result of that extra chromosome:

    System: Return: Last week:

    1. Daily Swing 97.9% 97.3%
    2. Riskarb 69.7% 63.4%
    3. Black Tulip 16.7% -8.3%
    4. Pinnacle -47.8% -47.8%

    You may have a right to damages if you act against "mommy and daddy". Might help you compensate for the loss of those $.99 clients.

    Incest is a crime. YOU'RE breaking the law by not reporting and by harboring your parents.
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