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  1. No thanks. I don't gamble with idiots. If you can't understand cumulative open and closed positions and no expired positions allowed to remain in the account, then you remain an idiot. Once you pass that hurdle, then we'll test your brain again for competency. If you're that good, C2 is the place to prove it and are willing to let you play again.

    Well then you truly are a hydrocephalic test-case. Your system PnL shows an OPEN PnL LOSS of >$750,000 as of seven days ago. Either you were sitting on a $750k open position loss, or it's expired positions which are not properly accounted.

    Your OPEN P/L mark is proof of your scam.

    If you grow some balls or skill, the bet stands. Send me a PM when you attain either.
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  2. My balls are bigger than your brain(s). I thought you said you were done posting? Seriously, who would want to bet with an idiot like you except another idiot???:D :D :D
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  3. I think you'r dodging the question. Where does the negative open P/L come from then?

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  4. mde2004


    Neither one of you pussies are profitable traders like me.
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  5. You must be riskarb's secrertary. I think the correct question to ask is how could the graph be near the highs with an open drawdown of more than -825k? So why don't you ask the developer of C2 that question and then get back to us with the right answer?
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  6. You too, I'll look forward to your posts...quite a bit of drivel here but the occasional gem and often some really good laughs. actually I was talking about my name...which was sort of assigned to me...but interesting story abt yours.
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  7. I think Atticus' suggested possibilities already are very plausible.
    Now it's your turn to suggest some other possibilities. It is you who are stuck with this 'false' account-numbers, so I suggest you contact C2 and ask for an explain.
    Do that, or remain the joker that you are making of yourself.

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  8. I think what you're suggesting now is that C2 is falsifying their records and making Pinnacle look good. I surely can't do it, even if I knew how. I also don't believe that the developer would appreciate seeing you bash his accounting system. I tell you what, I'll make it easy on your brain to comprehend and give you a little hint; July will expire in 15 days or so. When that day comes, you'll say approximately half a million of the -825k come off the board and become visible in the closed log. You'll also see that Pinnacle's graph won't change much(unless I have a big loss in the mean time - not likely). In addition, you'll be able to see that these positions have not expired before July expiration as you and Arby boy are fabricating with your assumptions. I promise you, you're going to look like a fool. :eek:
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  9. Your equity chart would show a peak above $1.7-million if the $825k is truly the result of open positions. An "open p/l" loss is netted. Either the equity chart or the "open p/l" computation is incorrect.

    Serious question -- 500k is attributable to July expiration? What about the remaining $325k?

    Edit: I looked at his system and the equity chart doesn't reflect peak-equity in the account. It's apparent from the "brokerage account" listing that a peak occurred at ~$1,705,000 before the drop to $754,000. The brokerage account is $-scaled to match the C2 account dollars.

    So, the C2 equity chart is incorrect in omitting the equity peak.
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  10. Seriously Arby boy, are you that stupid??? I mean c'mon, a six grader would have figured it out by now. The graph peaking to 1.7 mil is not possible when there are always open losses with closed gains. It would be nice if it did though. Remember, I trade in combinations, so the winning trade and the losing trade are issued usually within days of each other. And yes, approximately -500k will be coming off come July expiration day. The rest varies from August till January '08. The bottom line student and for the last time;

    Closed Trades P/L := 1,567,376 (you can download them to a spreadsheet from the site)

    Open Trades P/L := -812,225

    Net P/L := 755,151
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