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  1. Hi hbiawos,

    Without exposing my intellectual property, in a nutshell, my methodology revolves purely around volatility by looking for stocks that are exhibiting unusual behavior in their momentum, velocity and price bar structure. I then wait for the "setup" and then pounce on them like a cheetah attempting to milk them for much more than they were purchased before they lose their premium mark-up. I also do it without selling options. The way I do it though is quite different than the traditional option trader and it has being quite successful and beyond my expectations to say the least. However, I'm still a student in the science of volatility and market chaos. However, slowly but surely, I'm uncovering new applications in this exciting field to increase my bottom line exponentially and hopefully in the future assist other option traders. This is by no means an advertisement for my system (as I don't accept subscribers), but if you want to see the results of this ever evolving methodology, you can point your browser to .
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  3. RiskArb,

    Your continuos cheap shots are quite refelctive of your retarded brain. As I have explained to you on numerous occasions, the stats and the graph are reflective of the "drawdown" you keep bringing up. Maybe this will enlighten you a bit:

    or perhaps this wonderful methodology,

    Of course, if you still have problems on grasping the concept of combined open and closed positions, maybe you should direct your question to the developer of the website.

    :D :D :D
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  4. Strange... your system [which came in dead-last on our usenet competition] shows only $313,000 in cash. It appears that you're simply carrying the expired losers to maintain your equity chart:

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  7. Enough to beat your ass in the usenet competition in which you fell to dead-last. I opened the account on the bet and stopped logging in shortly after you lost the bet [9 months in total] in 2004. The DD was never more than 10%; it was a C2 glitch.

    $313,000 cash? Obviously there is a glitch which allows you to carry expired losers without impacting your equity chart. I see you dropped any reference to the max 25% DD. Nice scam.
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  8. "Beat your ass" Bwahhahahahahaha. Arby boy, take both of your systems and multiply them by 2, then take all your high sharpe ratio and multiply that by 2, and you're still trailing me by 2500 miles. By the way, why do you keep hiding under different aliases? Now that's not nice, is it now?? It really instills a lot of confidence in me subscribing to your next high sharpe system. :p :p :p
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  10. I am a new poster here but I will chime in. Here is my thought.

    What’s the point of bragging about any returns at all on line since no one is opening their actual books and showing all?

    Isn’t it easier to assume that every method anyone can come up with works fantastically?

    Not trying to offend anyone, I just don’t see the point in on line bragging.
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