Consistent group of 10-15 traders looking for a better deal

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  1. We are a group of traders who all trade individually. We were former Switftrade collegues and decided to move out in the summer of 2008. Most of us trade between 40k shares to 100k shares a day. We are very consistent. Most of us have 1 losing day the most every month and the loss is really litte(usually less than 100.) A lot of us havent lost a day for several months. We are far from super traders so most of us make around 8 to 10k a month(our top guy makes over 30k easily)

    Here is our current deal:
    Commission: 0 plus ecn passthrough
    Payout: 90%
    BP: Most of us have around 1 million to 3 million
    Software: Sterling Pro.

    I would not say the name of the prop firm we are currently working with but that is the deal we have right now. I'm looking for a better deal, perhaps higher payout( something like 97% since the firm still has to make money.) I'm also really tired of Sterling Pro which is a piece of shit software. Those are the two reasons that we want to switch. So if anyone who works in a LEGIT prop firm thinks they can offer a better deal. Please email me. tHANKS~!

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    You didn't say what city you were in?

    Why don't you setup on your own?

    It seems that you have a pretty good deal and you are just being greedy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing :)
  3. i would take you, but not at those demands and I bet nobody would. Unless you provide proof I would even question you get anything close to what you claim currently. Why would a firm back you and your guys at what you demand? LAUGH

    Here a simple calc: 30 traders make on avg 10k a month. = 300k gross.

    If you leave me 2.5% of that gets me 7.5k. Do you seriously think anybody could cover your desk fees, cost of execution with that? LOL

    Please consider what you did not account for is any downside risk protection, plus where is my share of this whole deal???????

  4. I know their is firms out there where you could get higher then 90% but the conmissions would have to be a lot higher then 0. Why would any firm in their right mind make only a couple thousand dollars off the group while supplying all the BP. I would say the deal you is pretty good for the type of volume you guys are doing (not low but also n where close to high).if you want I may be able to help, PM me where you are located and I will direct you to who I think is best for you, I pretty much know all the deals in the industry
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    The dudes a liar period. 97.5% payout and zero commish means the owner of the prop would be in the hole every month. by the way who's the prop you're with we'll all sign up now.
  6. can u give me the name of that firm too..
    $O commision that is a joke
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    I would take you, like Asiaprop, but where is the downside risk protection? BD has to make something, because they are charged for your volume. The only way I can see this type deal happening and being true, is if you made alot on the top 100K for the 3% they get.
  8. it's already the best deal i've ever heard of.......
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    wait - last march (13 months ago) you said that you were "so LOST and feeling stupid" and trading 100 shares at a time.

    and in february, you said "IM NOT A PROFITABLE TRADER NOW."

    now, there's nothing wrong with admitting that you're learning. and there's nothing wrong with trading small when starting. in fact, it's quite good.

    but don't even remotely say you're "very consistent" if you've been trading well for less than a year in a market that has gone up 80%.
  10. 1 losing day a month for some of you, and no losing days for months for others sounds very fishy
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