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    Try 8.1, it uses substantially less system resources than 8.3.
    Make sure you have a backup when you get stuck in a large position and the trade server goes down like it did today @ 2:15!
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    I usually don't trade the FOMC...however, I would like to be given the option to...:(
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    I use TradeStation. I've looked at a few other options, but I haven't been lured yet. The programming in Tradestation to make custom indicators and strategies I find much more simpler than the other options I've seen.

    I know there have been some problems and even a little problem while in a trade is a HUGE problem. I am not sure that any other system is unequivocally problem free though - until I know this - I'm staying with TS for the convenience of what it does.

    For now TS is fine, I don't think there is anything in your photo it couldn't do - all seems excessively simple to recreate and yes, you could set it up to look like that. You could have several different workspace looks actually and just tab between them. One like that, one with some other config.

    I wasn't trading this year until last week and I'm aware that there were a few data freezes at the beginning of this month for various reasons - some having to do with TS, some having to do with the data sources - but with them adding up - it wasn't looking to good for TS.

    For futures, I keep a free mirus/zenfire sliver on one side of my screen just to make sure that the prices are in the realm. The TS one thus far has never fallen behind remotely.

    I've never used eSignal.
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  4. I just looked at the TS website again. $5k minimum for futures accounts. So can I just "park" $5k there and then pay $99/month for trade station?

    I also read you have to subscribe for data @ $55/month if you want real time. That kind of sucks. Now we're up to $150.

    Also, could I use TS2000? Would it work with the IB feed or would I have to buy a feed?
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