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  1. Hi prince-in-jail

    If you need a new (inexpensive) data feed and you mainly trade the YM one of the best combinations you can trade with is the QuoteTracker and IQFeed combination.

    If you go to the QuoteTrcker website and look under data feeds you can see it listed there.

    Then, when you are signing up with IQFeed be sure you mention that you were referred to them by Quotetracker, this way they will give you the special discount rate (which is $40 bucks or something like that for the e-mini's - YM, ES, NQ -I'm not really sure, because I have expanded my trading way beyond that level, but that is where I started).
    I sincerely hope this helps, try not to pay too much attention to the fight going on between CY_M and Equalizer, they have been polluting the boards all weekend with their drivel and I am amazed the moderators have allowed it go this far.

    Quotetracker: about $60-$70 per year
    IQFeeD: about $40 per month for the e-mini special when referred by quotracker, but if you use their online service they will charge you by the minute, so it's better to just call their 800 number if you need assistance.

    That's as much as I can tell you with the little I know about your trading. Drop me a PM if you want, and we can discuss it in more detail.

    Good luck.
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  2. J-Trade



    TS8 still has the best charting I have seen - easy to duplicate your eSig workspace - and my experience is that just about all packages will have data issues for time to time. I'd agree TS are dragging their heels on range bars...

    As long as you do 10 futures trades per month, you'll only pay exchange fees, making it far better value imho than eSig. I use IB as my primary broker.

    My guess is that you have to go up to CQG or higher (Bloomberg ?) for significantly better (more consistent) data - but not necessarily better charting - but that's MUCH more expensive and maybe not needed.

    TradeStation forum is also excellent : lots of highly knowledgeable and helpful people.

    My 2c.

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  3. Thanks for all your suggestions! I looked into each vendor you mentioned and actually came across a combination that is free for my needs: NinjaTrader (without integrated trading) + OpenTick. I will test it on Monday and see whether I can work with the data.

    Primarily I wish to stay with IB as far as possible because I have not experienced one single issue with them and have access to all markets.
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    I have no experience of Open Tick, but you can feed Ninja from the IB data feed. Some will say that as it is a "snapshot" feed, it is useless for trading. However, I and others have found that during news releases, it keeps up far better than the eSignals and Tradestations of this world.

    You would have to reduce the tick count to match th eSig 89 tick chart, of course - try 55 or 34 & see how it matches up.

    I have been testing my IB feed with Ninja for DAX range bar charts - seems very promising so far (but no rt DAX trades yet).
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  5. TradeStation isn't the worst but it isn't the best. I think more people should be strongly considering using Worden. It's the best value software available IMO. Other than that I still think there are better alternatives available.
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  6. Samadhi,

    LOL, I had almost forgetten abou that "Gem", here:

    This what this... ahem..."Genius" Cy_M said:

    Originally posted by mktrend (aka Cy_M)
    I play Roulette the following manor:
    wait for the even odds or the 2 to 1 ones repeat 3 times then I bet on them. Arn't I then playing roulette statitically and scientifically.

    to which mathemagician correctly replied

    "Oh, my. Where to begin... "


    Originally posted by mktrend (aka Cy_M)
    You just need to maintain the data as we do in trading and obviously when red has turned up 3 times consecutively it statistically has less chance of showing up the fourth time and still a lessor chance of 5th consecutive times.

    LOL! A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and that has been demonstrated by Cy_M's (aka Mktrend on TS forum) above.

    I hope he continues posting, the guy is a true comedian. :D

    More importantly, I hope he continues trading. Hehe, easy money...

    PS. One more from this "intellectual giant" amongts us, just couldn't resist...

    Originally posted by mktrend (aka Cy_M)
    I still continue to beleive that a 3 times repeat of say the Head is deviating from the 50% random mean and, due the fact that it must return to the 50% mean is the reason that occurence of a tail following 3 heads has more probability than the a Head.

    ROFLMAO :p
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    I have used Omega Research products since the very beginning. In my opinion, they have always been a work in progress product with a carrot in front of you. In almost all cases what was on the table could be made to work if you knew the bugs that were in place. If not you could back up a build and be just as functional.

    As it stands today, I am closing down my equities, forex and have already closed my futures accounts because there are issues within each trading class that did not allow me to carry out my trading plan and or modify it to something workable for me. There are problems with data missing and data delays or plain not being there, the platform, trade execution and automation.

    This is no hobby for me to invest my IRA. I am a technical trader and when I open a chart, I expect it to be there and for what I am looking at to be correct. I expect my trades to take place when I want to trade. I expect the automation to carry out the trade that was intended. In each of these cases there are issues THAT ARE NOT specific to me. Others are being impacted.

    TS and I are done, unless they can show that the platform is functional as described.

    Good Luck
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  8. So do you just make 10 trades with TS and then the rest with IB? It seems like that'd be easy to do but you have your money split between two sites so you have to juggle that around..

    From the website it seems if you don't make 10 trades then you pay $100. That wouldn't be so bad if it happened, it is still cheaper than the $250 price if you don't have a broker account.
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  9. Exactly right. I was intending to switch back and forth between brokers to reach the minimums at least. But as stated in my previous post I have found a charting platform that serves me well. So I'm staying with IB.
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  10. fseitun


    I've been using TS since August and I really like it...

    However, I've been having major datafeed freezes since December and if the issues aren't solved soon, I am going to have to dump it. :(
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