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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm considering to switch over to TradeStation and have been an eSignal user so far. The waiver of the platform fee once you trade a certain amount helps me to reduce my fixed cost significantly. Before I do so, I wanted to ask you about your experience with TradeStation and whether you can recommend it.

    If possible, I would like to reproduce my setup exactly as I have in eSignal right now (see attachment):

    Small 60 minute chart
    Small 3 minute chart
    Main 89 tick chart window

    Is it all possible? And how would you judge the data stream/price flow? Is it as fluent as with eSignal?

    Thanks for any input!
  2. Why pay extra, when you can go to a broker and they can offer Genesis real time for FREE and just pay Genesis $50 a month
  3. TS is fine as a backup feed, same with eSignal.

    As long as you are not scalping, you should be fine - they are both as bad as each other, though for the same shitty quality TS costs less if you open up a bog standard futures account, and/or if you meet the minimum trading requirement.

    Charts look better in TS.

    Once you realise the importance of more reliable feeds, or you need to implement some high fallutin high frequency stab art sheah then you start looking elsewhere, however be prepared to pay for that privilege (i.e., CQG).
  4. Cy_M


    don't listen to this shit head equalizer who can't make up his rotten mind.
    just read the broker review section and you'll find all the facts you need to know about TS. However, here are some of the very recent comments by the existing TS users. I suggest for you to research the firm thoroughly before committing to one. The time lost going through the learning curve only to find out the platform did not meet your needs is by far the worst experience for a trader. Lost money can be made up for but not the lost time:

    here are a few sample extracts: this is jimbob who holds 6,556 posts to his credit and joined TS must be at least a good 6 years ago. jimbob 6556 Posts Posted - 12/16/2007 17:35:42 quote: ________________________________________ Corrections, opinions, comments? ________________________________________

    blue, your thoughts are well considered, your suggestions are well thought out, and your argument is well presented... your case is hopeless. (i didn't vote...wasted keystrokes.)

    Another one from the probably most known and experienced member who has always more favored TS than opposed it: Posted - 12/16/2007 19:29:10 And, in summary, TS is fast falling behind the competition in nearly every aspect of this business. jj

    Another very respected old timer in response to math. Posted - 12/16/2007 19:35:37 Sad but true...

    A newB with just 3 posts: Why does NINJATRADER have RANGEBARS and TS8 doesn't? Ninjatrader and IB are looking inviting!

    Another new B to TS(I think, has only 26 posts): Tradestation,

    Your customers' comments are a concern. Please take them seriously.

    Also what about tradeable symbols for Eurex & other EC markets . . . > ? Rgds MLP

    This user has contributed to TS with 6,241 posts like no one else would even come close except for a couple of other users: Posted - 12/16/2007 23:46:49 +1 (ALL of the above)

    Another New B to TS with 11 posts: Posted - 12/19/2007 15:23:48 I run TS & 1 other package - & am probably going to be adding 2 more, one of which will almost cetainly displace TS for good. The points of functionality that I want simply are not available in a single package, anywhere. It is true, however, that TS' competitors are providing increasing functionality steadily, while TS seems to be hibernating. Compare what happens to user suggestions/desires here as versus over at IRT or Ensign - the contrast is stark.....

    here's another one with 97 posts: TRAD's management have said that they had a problem with customer attrition this year. Obviously they have not learned anything out of it by ignoring message board topics like this one and not given any answers or feedback to fair comments from partially long-standing customers (looking at the no. of posts from them).

    by a VERY reputable and contributing user: In the last couple of years, powerful capabilities have become available elsewhere. Sophisticated traders trying to keep their edge sharp have not failed to notice this. Some have added other tools to their kit, some have left TS entirely.

    Now, this member, with >7k posts is also an elite of the community: Posted - 12/23/2007 11:27:08

    For a while now, I've felt that TS was positioning itself to be acquired. Especially since $0 platform fee - playing into a banker's subscriber-based valuation model. And ironically, it happened around the time Bill and Ralph gave up their day-to-day roles. Not that this is a bad thing. A more aggressive approach could benefit in many areas.

    I agree with most of Prog's comments, with the notable exception of charting. TS charting hasn't changed - ever. Years later, we still are limited to original windows pen styles. The "cross" has not been of any value since 640x480 monitors. Meanwhile others...

    another member says that the charting has improved over the time and here is the response: OK, it's changed some. But still, fully 90% of my EL-programming time is spent not on market-calculation, but jury-rigging plots to do things they really weren't intended to do. What is so hard about giving us a basic tool like color fill? Or something besides dots? Or freakin' outlined candles with millions of votes? If you can't see it, it's hard to trade it!

    It goes on and on......!!!
  5. Cy_M, which charting package would you recommend instead or which do you use personally? I also looked into the broker reviews and found a suspicously high number of negative reviews for TradeStation.

    I used eSignal and traded off IB's BookTrader. That has stopped since the CBOT started to charge $60 per month (costing me over $200 a month just for realtime charting) which really is not sensible. My current broker IB does not offer tick intervals so obviously I have to look somewhere else for data feeds.
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    prince, I am very much considering a Ninja/Zen combination but my needs maybe different to yours. I scalp a lot.
    In my research I have come across some good comments on Sierra chart with no personal knowledge or experience about it. Also saw some good comments on IQ/DTn.

    Good Luck


    if you need real cheap charting and just charting with nothing else, TS is still OK too. Since with 10 trades a months you get the plat for free but pay for the data. Now just to be carefull to not get involved with anything else there, the learning curve will eat up your time and you end up with an absolutely no good platform and programming language. Just stay away from the Easy Language and you'll be fine.
  7. Dearest phucknuckle Cy_M, or should I say Mktrend as that is your TS phorum alias, perhaps you should revisit your postings on ET and TS praising the platform.

    Here is this random ranter recommending TS over IB, like what, 2 months ago:

    My posting stands moron, and as you can see if you actually have any comprehension skills (big assumption here) I am not exactly praising it, but neither am I going postal over it like yourself.

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  8. OP,

    One has to be careful with with TS.
    I owned version3 and have been with them off and on and maintain a small account for ON charting. I would definitely not recommend it as a primary platform.

    TS is a resource hog and freezes at the worst times and there is menu pricing for the data which can add up and the system does not accept trades in the futures where one did not subscribe to data. (a market order or a stop away from the market, in an emergency for example) So basically one can not even use TS as a backup system for trading !!!!!!!!?.

    Currently my main platform is with IB. With Sierra Charts it is a very reliable combo. Sierra (cost around $45/mo) it supportsh second increment charts with the IB datafeed. At IB you get all of the domestic futures for a buck or two and DAX ESTX50 for a couple of Euros.

    I would not be surprised if there were other even less expensive vendor interfaces for IB for the simple charting you presented.

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