Considering switching to IB for QQQ Trading

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by zorrotrader, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. I am currently trading through a Redi broker and primarily trade QQQ for scalp/intraday swing moves. I am trading relatively small share size as i develop my consistency. I am very disciplined about stops and my system gives adequate opportunities to make profitable trades - why i don't take more signals is a subject for another thread :). So my only real risk of ruin are commission costs. I have never seriously considered IB because of all the bad comments on support. However, the past few days i have read through many of the comments here and played with the TWS demo and I'm very seriously considering opening an account with IB. I have a couple of questions.

    1) My main concern is what happens when I'm in a trade and i have problem like a lost cable connection and need to talk to someone. This very rarely happens but I'm curious what I can expect in terms of telephone response time.

    2) Since i trade primarily the QQQ's through ISLD or REDI I would be interested in hearing from other QQQ traders about their experience with IB trading the QQQ's. Really curious about how people use the system to trade - mouse clicking vs. hot keys.

    Thanks for your comments. I have really gained some valuable information and insight from this site over the past month i have been using it.
  2. I trade QQQ's on ISLD with IB virtually every day. Works great. Never had any issues. Super fast. Highly recommended
  3. Redi users/Spears L... are the ONLY ones that get cancel charges on the QQQ. Not sure if that is still going on as I'm not a Redi user. If that is all you trade and you do get cancel fee's when trading with the specialist might want to trade elsewhere. This info might not be correct at this time but I know it was in the past.

    Robert Tharp