Considering selling my auto FX scalper...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ssblack, Aug 2, 2006.

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    I'm considering selling my automated scalping system. It only works at one specific broker for reasons I can't disclose to anyone other than the buyer.

    There are no guarantees as to how long the broker will allow this to run, but my estimate would be around 4-6 months based on a previous account that I ran this on.

    $10,000 firm - statements are attached.

    if interested, please email me at

    Please, no flames or trolls - if you have nothing constructive to add, just move right along. Thanks.
  2. constructive comment:
    nice lill' money pump!
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    Referring to the mini?

    They shut it down after that one day.. :( :D
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  5. You do realize you're completely wasting your time.