Considering moving to USA from Taiwan, am i missing facts here

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    born in US 1970s moved with parents to Taiwan and now considering moving back Utah (Chinese Mormon, don't laugh, I know you are laughing :))

    Things to consider

    “public servants” in Congress (e.g., Nancy Pelosi) self-admittedly, on 60 Minutes, routinely engage in stock market insider trading which they have made legal for themselves, but would send you to prison for doing the same.

    Americans have discovered that the Federal Reserve (i.e., Goldman Sachs) is giving our money away to their private banking interests, (aka) their subsidiary holdings, in Europe.

    Obama’s administration has openly engaged in human smuggling as well as drug and gun trafficking to criminal cartels

    Bush and Obama have illegally entered America into the sovereignty snatching SPP through the implementation of the North American Union.

    Congress has an all-time low 9% approval rating with the new indefinite detention bill, S. 1867.

    Under the guise of fighting terrorism, Americans are now facing illegal detention, torture and murder
    MIAC Report, define domestic terrorism as the mere act of criticizing our governmental leaders, supporting Ron Paul, being a Libertarian, being a member of the Constitution Party, being a Second Amendment supporter and demanding that our leaders follow the Constitution.

    In the meantime, our youth are under attack through mercury laden vaccines which also contains the immune system destroying properties of the flu vaccine adjuvants of MF 59, Squaylene and now we find that the active ingredient for Lyme disease is in the patent for the current flu vaccine. One in 58 boys are now autistic courtesy of the pollutants in the vaccines.

    America is now witnessing the final stages of the installation of a police state surveillance grid through the creation and installation of video cameras and microphones in the Homeland Security funded Intellistreet light poles.

    Every day, the TSA conducts heinous acts against the American people, such as strip searching and injuring 85 year old ladies, grabbing the genitals of our children

    US food is being poisoned through the unlabeled, unregulated and cancer-causing Monsanto GMO's.

    We are under attack from the skies and through the poisoning of our air through massive chemical spraying complete with Alzheimer’s and dementia causing aluminum sulfate and cancer causing barium.

    homes are being stolen through the use of fraudulent robo signers and illegal repossessions without the mortgage note in order that the six mega banks can double and triple their illegitimate profits off each home they are able to steal and resell again and again.

    Americans will soon be subjected to the death panels of Obama care in which citizens over the age of 70 are officially referred to as “units” and are targeted for comfort care but not given life saving measures.

    Did I miss anything?
  2. The US is still 100 times better then that shithole Taiwan
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    If China becomes angry with Taiwan, your island is toast.
  4. Its that horrible US that is preventing China from kicking your asses and allowing you to stay independent
  5. Ok Mr. Dong....hehehehe
  6. stay there. we dont need any more conspiricy nuts over here.
  7. Remember Wang Computer?

    Years back a friend bought some.. then each morning he'd call the broker and ask the receptionist, "Is my Wang up this morning"?
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    Good thing he didn't ask her where he should 'put' his wang. :D
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    Before you move here you must ask yourself, "Do I really want my next President to be Obama or Gingrich?"

    OTOH, if you enjoy being in the most war happy nation on God's green Earth, you'll love it here.
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