Considering A Futures Broker Job @ Lasalle Futures Group In Chi

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by saultnutz, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. any1 have any input?
  2. Drew07


    Yeah. Can you get me a job when you work there?
  3. why...can you elaborate? is it a good firm? ive spent my whole career in institutional trading...don't know retail brokers
  4. Drew07


    No I'm just new to Chicago and am getting desperate for a job. Sorry for the lack of information.
  5. do u have a 3?
  6. Stay away from them. They will do nothing but screw you and your future clients over. The only one that makes money at that place is the owner. If you work there, be prepared to make 500 a month. It's a sweatshop
  7. raginbull


    Its a very good firm to work with. Also the brokers are really polite and responsive to clients needs. Majority of the clients and hence their brokers make good money. Its a really nice commodities brokerage.

  8. I interviewed there once. Their operation is about as big as my bedroom.

    Ultimately I took a position at a clearing FCM, which was a better fit for me.

    GL! :)
  9. Kubinec


    I think i've interviewed with them in downtown Manhattan cuz the name rings a bell. Didn't really like them to be honest.