consider college to be a trading order???

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    hi, may i ask a friendly question? as im 22 in CHina, with no college degree, but i applied some of those school in USA in 2006 and finally failed for some reason, and i want to know that should i still apply for those top schools as i applied b4 in order to have education in US or should i continiou the business path in mainland China??this really confused me alot recently..thanks so much..
  2. First of all, learn correct spelling.
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    Its not his fault your damn government (US) borrowed like hell and now we own China money

    not his fault !!!!!!!
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    Hi gwivxvvv,

    A good education anywhere is a good thing.
  5. Try Purdue or Indiana University.
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    hi, thanks a lot for helping me out , he is right to some extend...hehe,,..our government were in wanted to buy the treasury bonds of US, so i think its a kinda trend for our Chinese government and the public to buy the products from USA, just like Chinese like US car, CK, Motor, GE, and so on.........even though as a native Chinese i dont think it is a good thing.hehe
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    haha,,,u r a funny guy,,,yeah ,u r right, and to be honest, even im in China right now, i not so confident to compete with the American guy for a Chinese girl, as those girls like American guys's **, but for us only Chinese girls is our size, but the beautiful Chinese girl they prefer American man. hehe,,,

    well, so comes to the topic, u think its not so worth to spend money on the education in business school in US?
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    hi, Purdue is very famous among Chinese, as one of our famous scientist in the field of military defense was graduate from there,..hehe...i have to think about it.hehe.
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    Just as it would be worthwhile for an American guy to study in China, it would be worthwhile for you to study in the US. Practice your English every chance you get. You must get a high score of the Tofel exam to get accepted into most US schools. But Ultimately it is command of spoken English, and particularly comprehension of spoken English that will be an important factor in your success here. Watch as much English Television as you possibly can. You are welcome here, and best wishes to you.
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    You also might want to check out Canadian universities they are very welcoming to foriegn students.
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