Conservatives: Romney’s Policy Secrecy Will Be His Downfall

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  1. Conservatives are increasingly worried that Mitt Romney’s vagueness about tax reform and other policy issues will be his downfall on Election Day.

    Romney’s sympathizers are raising red flags, after he and his running mate repeatedly declined to provide details during a round of Sunday interviews about the loopholes he’d close to pay for large tax rate cuts.

    “If you don’t start telling people what you believe — if you really do, in fact, believe in anything — and if you don’t start telling people, yes, these are the tax exemptions that we’re going to get taken care of … unless you have somebody that’s willing to do that, Romney’s going to lose,” said conservative Joe Scarborough on his MSNBC show Monday. “The Romney people think they can run a Bob Dole campaign, a John McCain campaign … Republicans do not win by running these types of campaigns.”

    The former Republican congressman wasn’t the only right-leaning commentator to fret that Romney’s skittishness is becoming a political liability.

    “The Romney campaign continues looking schizophrenic,” wrote Matt Lewis in a Daily Caller blog post about the candidate’s “secret” tax plan. “This is problematic.

    Will implicitly endorsed the conclusion of a study by the Tax Policy Center, which said Romney won’t be able to recover revenues on the scale he needs to via tax loopholes unless he also targets incomes under $200,000. The GOP nominee labeled the study “garbage” and biased against conservatives. Conservative economist Martin Feldstein, under highly optimistic economic assumptions for Romney, reached the conclusion that the goals are potentially achievable if his high-end tax cuts spur significant growth and if he’s willing to consider hike tax receipts from families with incomes between $100,000 and $200,000.
  2. George Will- the DON of the sane conservative wing of the GOP has said the same thing, several times. But the GOP is all in now. The know George Will is right, they know Ann, Mitt, Rick, all of em are right about Mittens.

    Mitt( Gordon Gekko) Romney is toast on election day.
  3. Arnie


    said conservative Joe Scarborough on his MSNBC show Monday


    Thanks for the laugh. You obviously have not watched this "conservative". My wife (and me by defalut) watches his show every morning.

    Trust me, Joe (Charles, actually) would be the last person to describe himself as "conservative". And if he did, he should be sued for false advertising. He's a nice guy, a moderate at best.
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    For a clueless third shift small town flunky you sure expend an awful lot of effort trying to convince everyone you know what you're talking about.
  5. “If you don’t start telling people what you believe — if you really do, in fact, believe in anything"

    Obama been in office for four years, what's he believe in?
  6. Oh, he's a self proclaimed conservative for sure. But, I tend to agree that MSNBC would not want him to act that way. I watch the show rarely, but have seen him come out strong against Obama at times.
  7. Now, that's outright laughable, and does explain a lot. These poor people, sad. And, I'm sure that some may even vote for Romney.
  8. i have said all along for white christians it will come down to do they hate blacks more or mormans.
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    I look at it as either a Mormon or a moron.
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