Conservatives Poised For Canada Landslide

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  1. I bet the commie Cannuks on ET blame it on Palin.

    OTTAWA (Reuters) - A Canadian poll released on Monday predicted for the first time that Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper would be able to transform his minority government into a strong majority in the October 14 election.

    The Segma poll, taken for La Presse newspaper, put support for the Conservatives at 43 percent, which the pollsters said would translate into 183 of the 308 seats in the House of Commons.

    It predicted the main opposition Liberals would get 25 percent of the vote, translating into just 62 seats.

    The Conservatives had 127 seats in the old Parliament, while the Liberals had 95.
  2. Admit it, Pabst. You live to piss me off. :p

    On the plus side, such as it is, Harper's Conservatives aren't anywhere near as outlandish as your Republicans. So there is that.
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    Shit, I didn't know they even had conservatives north of the border.

  4. There's a lot they don't teach you in your creationist science classes. :p