Conservatives' Media - A perpetual dishonesty machine

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    On the February 15 edition of CNN's American Morning, co-host Soledad O'Brien introduced Republican pollster Frank Luntz as a "well-known political pollster" without noting Luntz's Republican Party affiliation at any point during the segment. The on-screen text alternated between identifying Luntz as a "political pollster" and "author, 'Words That Work.' "
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    CNN's Rick Sanchez: Bringing the Bias to Prime Time
    By Matthew Balan
    Thu, 07/22/2010

    Rick Sanchez, who hosts his Rick's List program for two hours during the afternoon on CNN, will be taking on the network's 8 pm Eastern hour slot for several weeks between Campbell Brown's departure on Wednesday and the start of the ex-Democratic Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer (the infamous Client #9) and sometime-conservative Kathleen Parker's new program.

    Sanchez will likely bring his two-year record of liberal bias to his temporary gig. Some of the worst examples from the Media Research Center's archives:

    Targeting Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio

    In late 2008, the CNN anchor gained the 3 pm Eastern time slot of CNN's Newsroom, which would evolve into his Rick's List program. Over the past year and a half, he has consistently targeted conservative media outlets.

    "That weekend tragedy involves a man who allegedly shot and killed three police officers in cold blood. Why? Because he was convinced, after no doubt watching Fox News and listening to right-wing radio, that quote, 'Our rights were being infringed upon.'"
    -From CNN Newsroom, April 8, 2009. Sanchez blamed conservative news outlets for the murder of three police officers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    "Was there a tone in this country that was actually started with the election of our first black president that is bringing the crazies out of the woodwork, and are they being motivated to move by right-wing pronouncements, like he's dangerous- he' a socialist- he's a Muslim, and he isn’t even a U.S. citizen? This is what we hear on some TV and radio outlets, which, by the way, according to our Constitution, they are entitled to what they believe and even propagate."
    -Sanchez again blasting conservative media during a segment with Media Matters of America's Eric Boehlert, June 11, 2009.

    "When you do see some of this wild behavior that we’ve seen in some of these health care forums- when you hear, for example, some of the misrepresentations, and flat out lies in some cases, like calling things death panels and saying that people are going to be- old people are going to be killed, including some of them spread by people who profess to be Christians....I just saw a poll that says something like 75 percent of the people who watch exclusively right-wing media and right-wing television channels, for example, actually believe that there are death panels....They’re not really being dishonest, but their messenger may be. What do you think of that?"
    -From an August 19, 2009 segment with liberal pastor and Obama apologist Jim Wallis on anti-ObamaCare protesters at tea parties and congressional town hall meetings.

    "Is there a possibility that that message isn't getting out to the American people because these crazy talk show hosts that are so right-wing are out there using the most heated language and the most heated rhetoric that does, in fact, incite people to hate?"
    -Question to CNN correspondent Jessica Yellin, March 24, 2010. Sanchez repeatedly insinuated that Republican leaders and conservative media were to blame for ten congressman requesting extra security earlier in the day.

    "You know, a lot of the folks who would criticize someone like you- they would criticize you, first of all, because you're a college professor, which, in their mind, makes you overeducated, and thus, stupid. But is that something that's frustrating as well, that you know this stuff and can explain it as easily as you just did to us, but yet, the people who are really leading the charge in this country are the guys on the radio and- many of which don't even have a college degree.
    -Sanchez to guest Danny Boston, a professor at Georgia Tech, in a plausible reference to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, July 9, 2010.

    "When I said Friday that we covered the Tea Party rally in Washington, it was only because Fox News had taken out a full-page ad in The Washington Post telling millions of people that we didn’t cover the rally- and that was a lie, and lies should be exposed. And here's something else that should be exposed. Real news organizations- real news organizations- are not supposed to stage events, nor should they promote news events, nor should they hype news events. Otherwise, they lose their ability to be impartial. They're no longer even remotely objective if they do that, nor are they being 'fair and balanced.' Case in point again: Fox News."
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  3. And now for some honesty!

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    CNN Co-Founder: CNN Is at Risk of Becoming a Bad Joke
    By P.J. Gladnick
    Wed, 04/28/2010 -

    Just how bad have things gotten at the low rated CNN? So bad that the CNN co-founder, Reese Schonfeld has written in his Huffington Post blog that it is at risk of becoming a bad joke:

    Ouch! Schonfeld then relays the sad CNN ratings stats:

    Somehow I don't think Schonfeld will be invited to any CNN parties anytime soon. Not even its wake.
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  4. We were talking about 'lies and dishonest' reporting, just because you dont like what he said which happen to be true, doesnt make them a lie.

    And the Conservative media goes after all other outlets so what does that prove?
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  5. Nobody is defending their ratings and one of the reasons they get less ratings is because they are less 'entertaining' than Fox and CNBC given their flat way to deliver news.
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  6. I don't think that is the whole story. I actually thnk there is a market for hard news, delivered objectively. CNN trashed its brand and lost viewers' confidence by turning into a letwing propaganda machine. Their correspondents, take that Ammanpour woman for example, were not content to report. they had agendas to push. It is apparent with their big stars and it is apparent with their third stringers.

    Their opinion and commentary shows all had a consistent leftwing bias, sometimes harder than others. People in the media either vastly overrate the popularity of liberalism and leftwing viewpoints or they just don't care. It's not their money they're losing after all.

    This new show CNN is premiering with Elliot Spitzer is a perfect example of something so lame they are either desperate, deluded or just trying to do their part to rehabilitate a guy who had been an up and coming liberal star. They paired him with a "conservative", Kathleen Parker, who no one in the conservative movement could pick out of a lineup and who spends most of her time criticizing other conservatives. Obviously the main criteria for her slot was someone who would not threaten Spitzer or provide a serious counterweight.

    Put Ann Coulter, Michelle Mailkin, Laura Ingrham or Pat Buchanan in that chair opposite Spitzer and you have a shot at a show that a broad spectrum of viewers might actually watch. CNN would show Roller Derby before they gave a prominent conservative that kind of platform.
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  7. Hermie- this has gotta hurt real bad!!

    Whom Do You Trust More — Fox News or the New York Times? Democrats Say Fox!
    Posted by John R. Lott, Jr. Aug 2nd 2010 at 9:02 am

    Only someone at the New York Times would claim that their paper was not “anywhere close” to Fox News on bias. What was surprising was the source of this trashing. Clark Hoyt, the just retired ombudsman of the New York Times, supposedly served as the conscience of the paper, mediating questions of whether the paper fairly and unbiasedly covered the news. If anyone at the Times is going to warn the paper that they have gone too far, it is the ombudsman.

    Yet, when Mr. Hoyt recently appeared on C-SPAN’s Q&A with Brian Lamb, he held little back.

    Even worse, Mr. Hoyt attacked Fox News for posing a real danger to society:
    So how biased is Fox News compared to the New York Times? Why don’t we ask Democrats whom they trust more for news: Fox News or the New York Times? With all the vitriol directed against Fox News, one would think that it is a no-brainer. But a recent Pew Research Center for the People & the Press poll shows that it is Fox News. While 43 percent of Democrats have a positive view of Fox News, 39 percent of Democrats feel the same way about the New York Times.

    Of course among Republicans or Independents it isn’t even a close contest. Seventy-two percent of Republicans have a favorable view of Fox News compared to only 16 percent who have a favorable view of the New York Times. Almost twice as many independents have a favorable view of Fox than the Times.

    There are other methods of measuring media bias and the New York Times looks quite biased on covering the economy and gun control.

    There are surely other ways of measuring whether Fox News is biased, but it is a bit much for the man the New York Times hired to investigate bias at the Times to use such inflammatory language, claiming that what Fox News does represents “a great danger for the society.”
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  8. Why don't you post sources to your stories?

    After the Fox style promotion that NYT did for the Iraq war, its not really surprising that they lost liberal support.

    And here is the poll -

    By your logic, Republicans favor MSNBC over NYT, so what does that say?
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  9. maxpi


    Do conservatives lie about the $50-100 Trillion in unfunded mandates that Liberals have handed taxpayers? That is a guaranteed destruction of the middle class btw.. how do liberals look at themselves in the mirror?
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  10. 50-100 trillion? :D

    Remind me again, which one was paid for - Medicare Part D or Health Care Reform.
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