Conservatives invading the Tea Party?

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  1. I am news junkie, and it sounds like the conservative wing of the GOP is leaving to join the Tea Party.

    When Rush speaks these days, he is using the word WE when talking about the Tea Party and using THEY when speaking of the GOP.

    Is this good for the Tea Party?
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    I dont listen to Rush so i cant talk about what he is saying, though i do know Rush has been against big government in the past so i hope it is a positive thing.

    In terms of the conservative wing leaving for the Tea Party, I can only hope that the message is sent loud and clear that big spending repubs will no longer be tolerated, somehow conservatives within the republican party lost their way over the years, so we can only hope that the message has been sent that there will be no more tolerance of career politicians spending money to save their jobs.

    I am pretty sure that republicans wont win the house or senate in the coming election because some of the nominations are questionable, but it got the word out that career politicians/big spenders are gone, and it sets the stage for us winning all 3 in 2012, because nothing will change up until then once Obamas taxes kick in and cripple the economy.

    If you think about it, either way government will end in gridlock till 2012, so we (conservatives) are better off if we lose by 1 seat in the senate in this election. As long as the Dems control all three there is no doubt in anyones eyes which party failed miserably at bringing us out of this mess. If we squeak out the senate we are not going to be able to make any meaningful changes anyways, as Obama will veto any drastic cuts to government spending. Either way whatever happens in these elections will lead to gridlock for 2 years, so we are better off sitting on the sidelines and letting the dems reside over what will inevitably be a shitty economy for the next couple years due to Obamas tax increases.

    I can only hope that conservative politicians got the message loud and clear that we will no longer tolerate big spending republicans.
  3. It's starting to look as if the GOP will become the "third party".
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    Quite frankly i was hoping we would purge the conservative movement of all the religious wackos as well...... baby steps i guess....
  5. Nope, in fact it defeats the purpose of it. If they want to come to our camp, they need to advocate our ideals. I can say "our" as someone who's supported the tea party since before the republican media jumped on the bandwagon.

  6. It was something that I have been watching develop and it has accelerated greatly since O'Donnell knocked Mike Castle out of his seat. My big concern is that the Tea Party has no clear cut leadership, no clearly organized machine. The Neo-Cons.....well.

    So I am a bit worried about that because what draws me to the tea party is small government, but I am a social liberal. If the evangelicals and all the rest come with the conservatives, it will just be more of the same, in Triplicate rather than Duplicate.

    Does the Tea Party recognize this threat, do they even see it as one?
  7. My politcal position:

    Abortion=pro-life personally. Pro-choice legislatively.

    Gays marriage=States rights

    State rights=okay, with the understanding that constitutional violations can be addressed federally.


    Welfare=Disabled and returning vets, like it was meant to be.

    God in schools=does anyone remember when we would stand up in class, face the flag that was in every classroom, and say the Pledge of Allegiance? Do you know there are people now that do not know the Pledge? Is that a good thing?

    Government=small, but not so small as to be unable to do it's three prime functions.

    Child Welfare=this will be radical, but if a woman makes a child that she cannot afford then the state will assume care of that child while the mother goes into training to acquire literacy and job skills. I do not include men in the equation because women control, in toto, the reproductive process.

    As you can see, there is no real party for me. I was hoping the tea party might be it, but if the conservatives take it over, what then?
  8. Not to divert, but I heard today that Herman Cain is entertaining a presidential run...

    I don't know enough about him but have liked what I've heard from him on the radio.
  9. Who is he, and why should I vote for him?
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    I am in the same boat, in terms of rights i believe in all the same. I would add a few though. No more war on drugs, no more policing the world (pull all foreign military establishments), no more aid to other countries (until the deficit is fixed), and the biggest one NO MORE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE RAISES UNTIL DEFICIT IS FIXED. The fact that we are increasing government wages while we are bleeding the way we are is pure insanity, why cant we cut government wages while the private sector is being crushed? Government unions are destroying our country.

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