conservative utopia is crumbling.

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  1. in 2000 republicans convinced america that if only republicans ran america then our economic problems would be solved.the voters gave them all 3 branches of government and the republicans promptly ran the economy into the ground.
    last election they convinced voters that if only republicans ran congress out debt problems would be solved. they put forward republican texas as a model of their ideal state. now texas has a worse budget problem than california,the republican poster child for mismanagement:

    Texas Economic Miracle Beginning To Tarnish
    AUSTIN, Texas — Some in Texas had talked tough about solving the state's budget problem by austerity alone, but lawmakers finally faced a hard fact: Texas is in serious financial trouble.

    The severity of the state's $27 billion budget crisis was evident in the furrowed brows, sad eyes and pained expressions of legislators. They fidgeted in their seats as hundreds of teachers, parents and disabled people explained in testimony in recent weeks how proposed budget cuts would ruin their lives.

    Legislatures elsewhere are facing budget problems, but most are blending cuts with asset sales, increased fees and tax modifications to soften the impact. Texas prides itself on lean government so Republicans here promised to solve the crisis here by budget cuts alone.

    Then rhetoric hit reality this week. The result was the latest and most vivid example of a state taking steps it had fiercely resisted.

    The Republican committee chairman's southern accent turned plaintive as he urged legislators who had campaigned on preserving the state's $9.2 billion Rainy Day Fund to now break that promise to ease the budget pressure.

    "If you want to close this shortfall through cuts alone, you have to either (completely) cut payments to Medicaid providers, cut payments to school districts or lay-off a substantial number of state employees," said state Rep. Jim Pitts, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. "You would have to do these things immediately."
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    Republican ideas are a complete failure for the majority of Americans because they are solely the champions for the wealthy minority. The public still gives them chances based on the belief that trickle down and rising tide are still working. Just as the wealthy minority has expanded its influence on, and from within, government, the middle class has shrunk dramatically, and the country is dangerously polarized. If you don't think it's dangerous, look to history, ours, and the world's. There could well be a civil war in the nearer term, there are posters here calling for it. Sadly, it will likely be fruitlessly left vs. right, and the rich will watch it from an exclusive resort offshore.