Conservative Radio host under fire for 'N-word' rant

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  1. A US celebrity relationship therapist has caused outrage after using the word 'n-----' 11 times during a radio segment.

    Conservative radio host and "agony aunt" Dr Laura Schlessinger has apologised for using the racial epithet as well as advising a caller not to "marry out of your race" if she didn't "have a sense of humour", UK newspaper the Telegraph reported.

    The African-American caller rang Dr Schlessinger on her radio show to ask for advice about how to deal with racist comments from friends of her white husband.

    She then asked the radio host how she should deal with "the N-word".

    Dr Schlessinger told the woman she was being "hypersensitive" about the term, saying "black guys use it all the time".

    "Turn on HBO and listen to a black comic and all you hear is n-----, n-----, n----," she said.

    "If anybody without enough melanin says it, it's a horrible thing — but when black people say it, it's affectionate."

    Dr Schlessinger has faced calls to resign from her nationally-syndicated radio show, which is one of the most popular in the US.

    She has since posted an apology on her website.

    Ten years ago she was forced to apologise after referring to homosexuality as "deviant" and a "biological error".
  2. Sounds like she inadvertently made her point. I was watching The Wire the other night, and they used the N word dozens of times. Let a white conservative use it, and they are supposed to hang themselves, even if they were using it to illustrate a point, as Dr. Laura was.

    She was right about that homo thing too.
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    All true of course, so whats the big deal?
  4. Why dont you ask her?

    "She has since posted an apology on her website."
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    *shrug*. A husband and wife can be doing bitter battle, but step between them and get your ass kicked by both--ya see, it's their fight.
  6. "marry out of your race"


    You shouldn't marry out of your "culture" unless you have a sense of humor.:cool:
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    Learned that lesson the hard way when my sister and her husband were fighting one time.

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    ONLY because people, not unlike yourself and the media, have made such a ridiculously big deal over nothing.
  9. So you are saying that the Cons don't have the spine to stand up to them? Kinda pathetic no?
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    Yes, they should tell PC obsessed pussies, not unlike yourself, to go fuck themselves.
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