Conservative party being bred out of America?

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  1. Have so called "minorities" effectively bred the conservative party to the brink of extinction?

    facts- Blacks, latinos, and mexicans as a group-

    reproduce at many times the rate of white people.

    have multiple children with multiple partners

    rarely get married and if they do they usually divorce quickly

    have little family values and even less community pride

    commit crimes at obscene levels

    have no problem collecting welfare and other entitlement programs instead of working to make themselves and future generations better


    How can the conservative party ever find a candidate to relate to them?

    Is it over for the GOP or will they have to reform their party platform to accomodate for the new paradigm in the U.S.?
  2. the black population has changed little if at all since the 1700's. actually its decreased.

    hispanic on the other hand, yeah they are rising.
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    The GOPs problem of late is represented by the image in your mirror. Go have a look.

  4. 2010 GOP historical landslide. that was only 2 years ago. thats like yesterday in politics.
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    When the total economic collapse occurs, the new majority won't like liberalism anymore.
    Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick...
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    And then the public started seeing what they got.
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    Time for the libertarian party.
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  10. I think the public really didn't know what the teaparty was all about. Combine that with media led madness against anything Progressive, caused 2010. Now, we see the gridlock and wasted time from those results, perhaps we're a bit better educated.
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