Conservative is a dirty word

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  1. As a lifelong liberal and supporter of President Obama, I am sickened by the negative connotations that the extremists attach to the word "liberal".

    Republicans and other extremists need to get their own house in order by changing their fascist policies.
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    both sides have been doing what they can to create an unconstitutional federal govt... but it seems the left has no regard at all for the constitution.

    As a life long liberal, assuming you are old enough to have voted a few times... surely you remember when liberals were afraid of big govt and were always yelling about rights and constitutional violations.

    In my opinion in my lifetime the left went from do gooders (with our money) who loved the constitution to fascist big govt controllers who have no regard for individual rights. That is why liberal has become a dirty word. We are not dealing with the same liberals.
  3. Essentially, what you are saying is they've been bought of. I think the transition is directly proportional to the lobbyist industry and how many special interests are buying them off.
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    I think you are correct.
    congress has been corrupted by legal bribery... and that same money has co opted the institutions surrounding govt.
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    I define fascism as corporations working with the Public Sector to screw over the little guy. Fascism comes from the Left.. Federal, State, and County governments all over the US work hand in hand with hospitals, visiting nurses, doctors, etc. to drain the finances of the sick..

    Hitler's philosophy was that people are children of nature, not children of God. That's exactly where the Democrats are coming from. There are a lot of parallels between Hitler's platform and the US Democrats.
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    Whatever happened to that campaign pledge about no more lobbyists? Seems to have gotten worse since Abramoff.
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    So, forcing people to buy government approved health insurance is not fascist? Jumping into a war without congressional approval is not fascist? Refusing to take a stand to get rid of the TSA is not fascist? (Yes, I know the TSA was created during the Bush administration. But when Obama was President and Democrats held both houses of congress they did nothing to end the TSA or even rein it in.) Likewise, I'm still waiting for Obama and his Democrat pals to get rid of the fascist Patriot Act. Democrats are far to busy trying to get the fascist fat fingers into every aspect of our economy and our personal lives to ever do anything about ending the fascist policies of the Republicans.

    Democrats and other extremists need to get their own houses in order by changing their fascist policies.
  8. You're asking for Obama to right the wrongs of Bush and crew. Pretty hard when the House said from day one they're only mission is to defeat Obama. I do agree with you in that I wish Obama would push a bit harder to repeal some of the R's fascist policies, as you say. Just saying it's not that easy apparently.

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    try harder... you are kidding of course? Obama has expanded the Executive Branch's power even further. He doesn't consult Congress to go to war at all, he consults NATO and the UN! It's a complete sellout to the banksters.
  10. Obama is the 'bankster' sellout? Didn't Bush start that. I know I said I'm trying to get past the 'blame Bush' scenario, but he's the one with the bailout. Also the 'Patriot Act' - what a name for big brother intrusion.

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