Consequences of reaching barriers in technological advancement

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  1. Sometimes we mistake the effect for the cause, the reasons most people point to as the cause of deterioration of developed countries aren't the cause but the effect, the root cause of the transfer of wealth from them to developing countries is the limits developed countries have reached in advancing technologically, in other words as the technological gap between developed countries and developing countries closes, developed countries are left with nothing but false pride to put them in a (false sense of) superior position
  2. Take the US today. In what field/market, is it superior to other countries out there? I can't think of any.

    Maybe #1 in welfare check disbursements?

    Oh, I forgot...aerospace & defense, thanks to big government meddling in Iraq/Afghanistan.
  3. exactly my point

    america is an incompetent multi-trillion dollar military complex. What a shame, to put so much money into a military and get what out of it; A lousy iraq war, doing what in iraq; stripping iraqis naked and putting them on top of each other and then putting shit on them and labeling it fighting for freedom or some shit like that. A tsa that is made up of nothing but stupid incompetent losers who wouldn't have been able to get a job even at McDonald's had the fucking retarded tsa/dhs not hired their cheap sorry asses
  4. for the last 20 or so years, not only nothing in america has improved but quite the opposite almost everything has changed for the worse

    the laws have become crappier day after day

    more and more worthless nonsense rules and regulations have been passed

    incomes have deteriorated

    states have lost almost all their powers

    federal law enforcement agencies have gained even more power

    new taxes and fees on random ass crap have been imposed, last thing left is to charge people for breathing and then accuse them of being terrorists if they breath more than a certain amount of air

    infrastructure has deteriorated

    quality of products whether domestically produced (if any) or imported have dropped

    and most important of all; america has lost it's technological edge
  5. There are no barriers that is what inovation is for "the work around"

  6. A tsa that is made up of nothing but stupid incompetent losers who wouldn't have been able to get a job even at McDonald's had the fucking retarded tsa/dhs not hired their cheap sorry asses

    Imo, Corporate America has refined the "It's not my department" and brought it public and mandated it.

    Back in the day, Joe the hub cap hanger had one job on the assembly line, put hub caps on left side of the car, his co-worker put hubcaps on the right side of the car.

    We have dumb downed jobs and policy is enforced, "I don't pay you to think".

    Nobody knows nuttin.

    If you are outside the box you are an insurance liability.

    What is the flow of an idea or innovation? Pfffttt, right to the legal department, from there it ends up on an insurance companies desk.
  7. did you hear the news about these retarded TSA employees who made fun of this one TSA pig's small penis and got attacked by him

    the comments on this page are interesting and most of them are true

    "nice to know these frat boys are leering at your teenaged children's private areas with these body scanners"

    "My good friend is a TSA officer at MIA. Here's information you should know. Supervisors and managers are having sex with lower level employees on the job, and then promote them. Everyone knows and nothing is done. The screeners are supposed to select a specific type of passenger for the body scanner, however, in reality, the male screeners choose attractive young women they can look at naked. There are "codes" for example "Code Tango" lets the officer inside the scanner know a female with large breasts is coming in. "Code Bravo" means a large posterior. Screeners are not supposed to see the faces of the passengers being scanned but if one catches the attention of the screener he will come out of the booth and request to be relieved so that he can see the face of the person he just saw naked. Overall the morale is extremely low ..."

    "If the screeners are laughing at people who KNOW they're laughing about them, imagine what they're saying about US -- you know -- the people whose taxes pay their salaries."

    "The primary task of DHS, TSA, and similar agencies is to employ morons who would otherwise be on welfare, selling drugs, or in prison. So, this story and some of the comments should be no surprise. America insists on remaining passive while nitwits reproduce. We know that job opportunities for the offspring of fools do not exist, other than with re pseudo-jobs with state and federal agencies. Our Founding Fathers were concerned about government being run by fools, but we fixed that discriminatory practice. It is too late now, because dimwits are in the majority and democracy is all about majority rule."

    and yet

    TSA Orders 200 Screening Systems From L-3

    America has been rapidly going down the drain the last few years, and it will continue to do so, there is no end to this bullshit, the new generation that is coming to power and various government positions is made up of morons, retards, idiots, stupid fucked up pigs ... america has no future
  8. that's just an assumption, there is no fucking way to prove it, how can you prove something that doesn't currently exist, you are only assuming that you will gain extra knowledge in the short or long term future regarding a subject or object by studying it, but that is only an assumption

    work around for what? and what is the guarantee that you or someone else will find that work around?

    all of this nonsense bullshit is the same type of false hope bastards like Obama are feeding this nation full of stupid pigs, what is the guarantee that americans will stumble upon an innovation that will save their failing asses? nothing, fucking there is no guarantee, but yet the average moron is too stupid to understand the reality that surrounds him, that is the consequence of being raised by bullshit like Disney movies and cartoons where some geeky looking kid pulls some seemingly awesome yet impossible innovation out of his ass and shares it with everyone else freely or in return for some worthless fame, the only thing those at the top are pulling out of their asses right now are lies, lies and more lies
  9. I do recall that Adam Smith correctly surmised that it is not the baker's interest that he has in seeing you fed, but it is his own self-interst that leads him to sell you the loaf.

    Just the same: when industrial and technological titans see a process that adds value, they will pursue it to it's maximum utilization, earning temporary economic profits above the cost of capital. Eventually there is no economic profit and the quest for new technologies starts all over.

    It is only the uninformed and uncreative that would ever conclude technology ceases to advance. New technologies are a certainty, and so are new innovations and solutions that will likely be attained by necessity and through the invisible hands of our knowledgeable corporate citizens. You know? The ones with collective market values over $50 trillion? But what do they know? They are obviously incapable of adapting to change, and that must be why they only grow at 10+% for the past 30 years.

    Technological advances will never cease, and it is technology that will likely and always be the trigger for more growth.
  10. Are you declaring then that there are no more patents to file?
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