Consequences of Durka Durrrr!!

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  1. It appears the Durka Durrs don't work jobs once held by illegal immigrants: California Farm Labor Shortage 'Worst It's Been, Ever'

    In the West Afghanistanian province known as Alabama, an American Taliban stronghold that had passed a pretty strong anti-immigration law a few years ago, they are seeing the same thing amongst its "get rid of the hispanics and 'real americans' will fill those jobs" industries. Alabama law drives out illegal immigrants but also has unexpected consequences

    The interesting tidbit about that article is the citation of the law as a big reason why the unemployment rate has fallen so much. But if we look at the UE rate of Alabama pre and post financial apocalypse:

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    Given that the province has had a lower UE rate than the nation as a whole pre disaster, the UE drop may be due to other factors.

    For those who don't understand Durka Durrr:

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  2. Is that similar to "Herpin muh Derp"?

    Just sayin'

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