Consequence of Trump´s export policies: stagnation in exports to EU, China and Japan

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    Instead of going into a tizzy about headline-grabbing trade war nonsense, Wall Street should lower the boom on Trump’s total lack of progress on the trade front. That has caused a great damage to the U.S. economy by limiting American exports to the EU, China and Japan to a stagnant and wholly inadequate $258.8 billion in the first six months of this year.
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  2. It is odd that the people who cry the loudest when some pizza place closes due to the minimum wage rising, without mentioning most new businesses close within the first five years, aren't crying foul over the orange hair messiah's actions. Farmers are filing bankruptcies and committing suicides, yet all you hear are crickets from the "usual suspects".

    Perhaps the "usual suspects" are all out celebrating all "the winning" that's going on.
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    careful now, stating the obvious will get your thread moved to the politics section
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    Look boys there is always a price to pay in any war, USA will win.
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    The people who will benefit from all these are the professional traders.
    So seize the opportunity, make hay while the Sun shines !