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  1. Its not a FNM or FRE or AIG deal.

    This is not bad at all. The equity fell very much which has priced in a sure no dividend price.

    I would expect this stock to jump due to short squeeze and long term buyers.

    It will see 10$ before its going lower to bottom.
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  2. Treasury will inject $20 billion of capital.
    The government will guarantee a roughly $306 billion pool of Citi's troubled asset, including mortgage-backed securities. Citigroup must absorb the first $29 billion in losses and 10% of anything beyond that. Treasury will absorb the next $5 billion in losses, followed by the FDIC taking on the next $10 billion in losses. Any losses on these assets beyond that level would be taken by the Fed. The guarantees will be for 10 years for residential assets, five years for nonresidential assets.
    Citi said it would issue $7 billion of preferred stock with an 8% dividend as payment for the guarantee.
    Citi said it would issue warrants to the U.S. Treasury and the FDIC for some 254 million common shares at a strike price of $10.61.
    The government must approve all executive compensation, including bonuses.
    Effective with the payment of the next dividend on common stock, Citi agreed not to pay out more than 1 cent a share for three years.{15A026EC-CEA0-4C82-92EC-199B794F0968}
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  3. Exactly :)
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    Well, it hasn't gone up as much as I had hoped, but a $2+ profit isn't bad!
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