Consensus about AMC breaking 14?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by VicBee, May 17, 2021.

  1. VicBee


    AMC is enjoying a tailwind with cash influx and the reopening of its theaters, but short pressure is keeping price from breaking 14.

    If anyone's radar is even remotely tracking this stock, what's your thoughts? I'm looking for at least 16 by year end... :thumbsup: or :thumbsdown:.
  2. Pekelo


    I predicted 14 by the summer. Since summer is already here, yeah it should go to 16 or 18 in the next 3 months.
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  3. smallfil


    AMC has already broken $14.00. Waste of time to try and predict how far a stock will run up too. I got call options on AMC but, not selling till options expiration, May 21. Have already taken June 18 2021 call options to continue riding the trend.
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  4. VicBee


    Wow, and all I had to do is question the 14 resistance for it to break... Now I know how this works! Just start a thread on ET :D
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  5. comagnum


    Wow, you just about got your AMC @ $16 in the after hours, nicely done:D
  6. Your next mission is questioning CLOV $10, UWMC $9 and GME $200. Nice trade on AMC!
  7. VicBee


    Well... To be truthful, I really need AMC to hit 21...:banghead:. I got caught up on the BS of a few months back when brokers froze buying but allowed selling.. o_O 16 is the level at which I am willing to absorb my losses. But now, I may just hold to year end and see where we're at before making a hasty sale. :cool:
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  8. VicBee


    I had CLOV at 7.5 and managed to dump it at 10.5 on it last pump and dump.

    Instead I'm super stuck on SEDG and ENPH... great companies but deep in the hole.
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  9. Some smart guy on here who I greatly respect basically said AMC was done, too much debt. Vanzandt I think. Thoughts on this?

  10. They were both incredible stocks when Wall Street thought big changes in Infrastructure were coming. I had a stocks like SEDG that kept going down, convinced myself it was one of those “Marriage for better or worse because they were high quality”.

    Finally broke the rules, tripled down and only lost $30 instead of $120 a share. The dam stocks ate up lots of gains from my “Girlfriend portfolio”. The stocks you keep around, take care of, buy gifts and treat em real good as long they don’t cheat or yell at you. I missed selling my CRCT at $28 plus trying to sell a losing trade. My losses get exaggerated due to thinking my stock will rocket once I exit, they usually don’t. Sorry about rambling this nonsense!
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