consecutive winning trades?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by eyedy, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. eyedy


    I've been running automatic strategy on NQ for the last 3 weeks.

    There have been 9 trades total and all of them are winners!!

    All my trades are intraday only and usually target 10 points profit in NQ

    so, I wanted to ask fellow automated traders,
    what are your longest winning intraday automatic trades?

    Hoping my winning streak continues...

    :cool: :cool:
  2. Sergio77


    I had 60 winning intraday trades in a row some years ago and then I got a streak of 153 losing trades when the bot of the brokerage figured out what I was doing. I then tried for a year after changing my style but no gain. So I switched to swing trading. Maybe 5 consecutive winners followed by max 4 consecutive losers and so on.
  3. Handle123


    I have an HFT automated program going past year and normally cranks out 40-60 non-losing trades before a loser. Because of the low volume markets it trades, can't do high volume of contracts or shares. And since I know almost all brokerages/clearing firms have systems "watching" their clients trade, my program has options that signals are skipped and those signals are sent to other clearing firms to be traded.

    It is tough enough to trade, let alone pay brokerages commisions then have them figure out what you are doing.

    LOL, long ago when I use to call brokerage to phone in S&P orders in early 90's, heard one day "Hey, he is selling 10 S&Ps market and the order went in for 35", I immedately called another brokerage to offset, then went long. The market that day was screaming up all day long, first brokerage was calling each 30 minutes if I wanted to place a stop or get out, I kept saying it was going to reverse, ROFL, then end of the day I got out and called other brokerage to offset. I never heard again anyone tailcoating my trades....

  4. 3 weeks?? Lucky you.
  5. tandh


    In such a short time frame, it doesn't mean much. Ever flip a head 10 times in a row and not a single tails? I have, it happens.
  6. eyedy


    When I first started automated trading, My system put stop order and profit target order altogether when entering a position.

    After changing that, my system performance dramatically improved.

    It could be just random variance, but It appears to me that making your stop order visible early on is not a good trading algorithm.

    I'm also planning to open another brokerage account so that I can separate my entry and exit trades.

    Let the winning streak continues!!!