Consecutive Up Days

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    This is a chart from 2003, doesn't make a difference that its 6 years old however its quite interesting to see where the market may be headed if it pushes higher a few more days in a row.


    March 20, 2003

    Consecutive Up Days Since 1900 Since 1990
    7 174 11
    8 84 5
    9 41 4
    10 23 2
    11 12 2
    12 6 1
    13 1 0
    14 1 0

    For the purposes of this study, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is used as a proxy for the "market" up until January 1950. From 1950 on, the S&P 500 is used.

    Since 1900 (over 28,000 trading days), the market has been up 7 days in a row 174 distinct times. We can see that it has gone up the next day about half of the time, as there were 84 instances of 8 up days in a row.

  2. Friday was a down day, so we are not seeing anything exceptional. The 252D MA seems to be resistance though.
  3. consecutive up days or down days means nothing at this point in the game.. rules have changed with these levels
  4. That's right! Just because Friday was a doji doesn't mean we'll go down today!
  5. "Streaks" happen. :cool:
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  7. Yes they do and I wait for them around the corner:)
  8. lol... waiting for them means that you miss them.. i think you misspelled corner.. i think you meant CORONER!!!!!!!! LOL.. soo many losers on this site.. too funny everyone here is searchign for the right formula etc.. you cannot wait for anything.. get into the market and trade..
  9. This has gotta hurt the Bear's pride as well as their assess.
  10. You mean like YOU Port???
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