Cons Conf Bad!!!dollar Goin Up Wtf....what To Do

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Comandatore, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. ? still betting that we will end up on a positive note for euro today....otherwise i will quit trading.
  2. what are you, a retired pro wrestler? Who cares about one day, one move.

    Trade a system, not a tick.

    Just some friendly advice!
  3. 1.20 major support......3 TIMES TODAY AND ITS HOLDING STILL WILL IT HOLD AGAIN.....
  4. Stream of consciousness? These threads are such a value-add. Good luck with you EUR, looks like it's starting to rally a bit.
    Well sakimonohito as you see one day per month i do the wrestling thing and its today...about quiting man...Are you KIDDING :p its the best job in the world, thank you for drop some words though..

  6. yes move up baby shake your ass.....

  7. today i am taking +167pip so ....still need 40pip...
    somebody did better...

    Z SCalp...wzzzzzz sleeping mate, you lost your bet.
  8. yalla kiss ikhta akhou charmoutaaaaa
  9. youve lost it. quit it now while. or have another pint.
  10. What news made the Euro tank last night around 9:00 ET?
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