Connors CVR II- RSI

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Trend Fader, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. Just curious if anyone here knows the settings that Connors uses for the RSI?

    Also.. anyone care sharing his new CVR signals.. I know about the I, II, III, V, VI.. which are posted on tradingmarkets website.


  2. jem


    mike just put some indicators on the vix. Look for a few nice recent trades and make up your own name.

    May I suggest the Jem optimized bollinger reversal vix. The jem fib vix, the the jem regression analysis vix and the jem hist vol b/o vix.

    Coming soon the jem Jurik vix and then the jem neural network vix.
  3. Dude.. his studies are all backtested. I am just trying to backtest a few ideas of my own. If someone has some new or interesting ways to use the VIX.. please share..

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    Well I do not think you can give such small sample sizes any credibility. I think all he is showing is that when you have strong trend and then a stong reversal bar you have a chance to make money. Especially if you cherry pick your indicators after the fact.
  5. You are so right about this.

    Great, succinct, and articulate post!
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    thanks waggie. I think connors' stuff has bits of useful information. And I thought some of his older stuff was good. (but perhaps I knew less then) but I dislike it when I see him advertise a trading concept as 60 percent accurate and then in his book he says well it works well on strong momentum stocks.

    However, since I have gotten his recent books for the price of postage. I would say overall I am a satisfied consumer.