Conned by Cooltrade

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Mountainsport, May 2, 2008.

  1. Cooltrade provides practically no information on the capabilities of their system on their website.

    You are required to to sign a contract agreeing not to ask for a refund of subscription fees before being given any information on their system.

    After paying my $50.00 I find out within minutes the system cannot handle odd lot orders or place limit orders.

    These basic functions are crucial to the trading system I use.

    I've been conned by Cooltrade. I recommend people only investigate by using the free software allowed by having an Ameritrade account.

  2. edbar


    Mr. Prescott,

    How exactly were you conned? As soon as you stated that the system would not work for you, CoolTrade cordially credited your account, and sent you confirmation email.

    Serious limitations? We could not be in business with thousands of clients in 34 countries if the system did not work.

    The concept of robotic trading is new. It requires a new way of thinking. You can place orders manually with CoolTrade if you wish, but for robotic automated trading in stealth mode, manual limit orders defeat the purpose. The CoolTrade system automatically calculates the limit prices based on profit goals, so you should not be doing it manually. CoolTrade requires traders to think out of the box. That is why it is considered a revolution in online trading, and the next evolution of automated trading.

    It is unfortunate that you used the system for no more than a few minutes before making such hostile judgements.

    We wish you the best.
  3. maxpi


    Try OpenQuant or Ninjatrader, at least they have all the basic orders. You have to program in C# though.