Connectivety speeds and importance

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by burnin, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. burnin


    If any one has suggestions/advice for a newbie getting online..... I have DSL phone.. I've run bandwidth tests from various sites...results vary widely (200- 1.2)
    Cable DSL not yet available in my location
    i have Direct TV.. satellite?(Iknow the signal is delayed for sports)
    T1 lines are 600/mo....
    is the cost worth the gain in speed... or just alot of hype?
  2. gnome


    Your DSL should be plenty fast. I trade emini on dial-up... fills are faster than I can blink.
  3. It maybe well worth the price if it doesn't have any outages.That you will have to test with just streaming charts and no trading until it has proven itself. Other wise the T1 will get you better service and more reliability for those all important trades.
  4. Where you geting that price dude??? That cheap!
  5. nitro


    If you don't already know why you would need at T1, then the answer is you don't need one.

  6. burnin


    Nitro...... I do not know what I need, I'm a newbie,.... hence the question
    MACD... I got my t1 quotes from

    My interest lies in NYSE large caps and e-mini, and I just want to know if DSL is enough?

    Does all important qoutes, orders, and cancels suffer if your connectivety is sub t1 speed.

    All responses are appreciated.

    Thanks everyone.
  7. The DSL will take care of your needs nicely. Don't get caught up in the race of trying to have the best connection available for the money. As a tech I tell all my clients, let your needs prove the need for more. Don't get caught under the dictation of your personal desires at this juncture of the game. :)
  8. nitro


    DSL is plenty.

  9. Donkell


    In my opinion a DSL line is fast enough. I use a DSL for over 2 years, and all though I use Cable now I don't see a big difference.

    If you are together with the way you trade and are doing okay you don't need a T line of any kind. They are very expensive with Broker fees, SEC fees, ECN fees etc., why give another $1000 away.