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    well if computer processor is not as important as connection if you go remote with a firm like echo or bright do they offer some sort of dedicated virtual private network wan or citrix hookup so your connection is cleaner and more stable or is this cost intensive,or do they just offer internet hookup

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    anyone know help would be appreciated

    thanks:( :)
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    A VPN has nothing to do with making a connection cleaner or more stable - VPN's are for security.
  4. I trade remote with Echo and connect with a regular internet setup through a cable modem.
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    most have said that but on there web site they refer to wans and specifically to citrix to obtain the fastest connection ,what is that and do they offer it
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    I also was talking to another broker who referred to inap which he raved about as being better than vpn or other tecnology, but he didnt explain that very well but he said it was free?:confused:
  7. If you subscribe to FirstAlert from them, it is delivered over a Citrix connection. I don't know the details of the in-office connections, but I'm pretty sure all remote guys connect through the internet. I know one who has a T1 into his house, but it's still internet.