connection to Oanda fxtrade - anyone has got a problem today?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by forestgril, May 1, 2008.

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  1. connection to Oanda fxtrade - anyone has got a problem today? I cannot connect for the last 2-3 hours, although it was possible 4 hours ago
  2. Perfect connection here
  3. strange... I cannot even open a web page with login! annoying... transactions open :/ I don't know if the stop was hit or not....

    who can check for me on the min/max if the GPB/USD 1.9910 level was touched 2-3 hours ago??? I had a stop there and it should go down :/
  4. If you haven't got logged in yet forestgril, it looks like at around 1:55 (central time) it was at 1.99122 for a high and at 2:28 1.98407 for a low.
  5. lol, what's this, fluttrader using a forex bucketshop :eek:

    Connection fine here in UK, only the occasional blip. How's it going with Oanda forestgril, better than GFT? Making money?
  6. the beginnings seem to always be the same... I've almost lost everything, more than 90% of capital (no patience, no trust in method and so on)

    two weeks ago I had my record - I have made about +60% in two days on many (circa 100) transactions (the record was about 30-40% previously) (with stop losses of course, but only one pair - eur/usd). It was during a bizzare correcting move, so it was very hard and took me about 20 hours. After that (on 18.04) I have predicted the strong descend on eur/usd, but was so tired because of overnight play, that I could not even follow the trend (contrarian idiot...) and again my capital started hitting some even lower lows leaving me finally with some really funny "ice-cream money"...

    I almost started thinking about writing a program - a neural network to play for me! :D

    but practice is practice, so it does not matter for me if it is demo with 10000E or real 5,59E (yeap!) so I traded this further for practice

    in the last few days something changed. I have noticed something concerning my indicators, started using it with my method in a longer (1-2h) time scale and have made 100% in one day, diversing on 3 pairs and about 50-100 transactions a day. Now I am finally about 240% comparing to the lowest low (now it is 13.50E) and it for sure is not a accident. Today I have made about +30% but it would easily be +50% if I was not preparing the dinner and some other things (no real concentration).

    When I double my money again, I will insert 100E on the account and start multiplying it to regain my losses and to finally earn some money from the play. Wish me good luck!


    I think the connectivity problems are on my side, but again I see that Oanda is stop hunting for sure! I will open a new post about it, but lets look at it here now. The other similiar example will be shown later in a new post, but it is already in my post "Do not trade with Oanda if You want to trade seriously!").

    Here comes the first screen, the green arrows shows a stop loss, which was not touched by a 10sec min/max chart, so ??? You know what it does mean. The low of today on eur/jpy was in fact 20 minutes before.

    Oanda fu*k*rs knew that many people will have their stops there, because the move stopped near 61.8% fibonacci level of a bigger time scale.
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  7. i will post another screen to show that it is a stop loss indeed
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  8. I was working on 10sec chart at the moment so I was sure that the price did not get there, as You can see. But then I switched to 5sec chart and it shows that the min/max ribbon got there.

    Why they show one minimum on 10sec chart and another different minimim on 5sec chart???

    OANDA PLAYS UNFAIR - this is a conclusion.


    So as soon as I have more money, I will switch to some ECN based broker with part of the capital and to GFT with another part to leverage very strongly (1:400).
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  9. here You can see that indeed the level at which eur/jpy stopped its rally down was very important because of the 61.8% fibo

    many traders must have put their stops just below the low, and Oanda scammers knew this

    It was a very unfair stop hunting action!!!
  10. Yes, I'm sure it's just Oanda targeting those Fibs and not the greater market in general.
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