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Discussion in 'Trading' started by bearelite, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. bearelite



    I would like to know your views about internet connection speed in relations to trading.

    How fast is your connection ?
    What the minimum connection speed should be for your trading style ?

    Using on my terminal I get:
    ping: 42ms
    download: 2.59 Mbps
    upload: 6.86 Mbps

    I trade discretionary and I fell ok with that speed.
    looking forward to read your input

  2. rmorse

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    If you're on a platform that is run locally, I would look for a little more bandwidth. If your on a platform that is server based, it might be plenty. Are you see any issues? You should call your broker and ask what they recommend.
  3. bearelite


    rmorse, would u suggest more bandwith both for download and upload ?
  4. rmorse

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    The reality is that the more symbols and charts and active windows you have open, the more you'll need. I personally like FIOS because the bandwidth is not shared like cable modems, and you get up and down speeds that are very high.

    If you're trading full time, spending an extra $15 - $25/month is cheap to help you run your business. I personally would want 25/25, but I trade options which use more bandwidth.
  5. bearelite


    rmorse, thank you