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  1. Hi, this might be a newbie question but I could not find the answer:

    Lets say that you have a good trading platform that you use to design, optimize and (hopefuly) go live with. Lets assume this platform is called platform XYZ.

    Now you joined a prop firm but your prop firm does not support your platform! What option do you have at that point?

    Option#1: use prop firms software and redesign your trading strategies

    Option#2: perhaps send orders to your prop firm??
    Will my orders be sent to my prop firms trading platform?? I other word, when my trading platform sees a trading opportunity, it sends the order to my prop firms platform and then the prop firm platform executes me order?? Wouldn't this cause latency issues? Perhaps, my orders can be sent directly to the exchange?
    API solutions? Do they cause latency issues (slow execution)

    Any thoughts on what the best option would be?

    Thank you!
  2. starting to feel a bit lonely :mad:
  3. garachen


    What doesn't make sense is why would you create strategies on one platform and then not find out if that platform is supported at the place you want to trade?

    So your first option should be to find another prop firm - one that supports your platform - especially if you have sunk significant time into creating your strategies.

    Or you rewrite into their platform.

    Seriously doubt you'd be able to 'glue' the output of whatever platform you are using to the input of their platform. Even if the architecture permitted you to do so in some hack way it would be a constant problem and of moderate difficulty.