Connecting two Dell Flat Panel LCD's

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Casey30, Sep 20, 2003.

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    I want to connect two Dell 1901FP LCD's. What do I need to split the DVI-D to allow the two monitors to connect to the same PC? Do I want to split to the connection or do I need a video card with two DVI-D outs in it already? If I want to split the connection, what do I need to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    a dual video card
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    Very simple one of my computers has the exact setup your looking at. I bought the Radeon 9600 Pro Dual Video Card128 Meg. Popped that baby in the AGP slot and then closed back the case. The Back of the card now sticks out with 2 monitor cable for Analog signal and one for Digital Signal. Reboot Computer..and bamm! very simple you go to the display settings and you will see how fast the operating system recognizes it you just click that you want to extend your windows to a second monitor on the drop down menu once your at the display area..and save it. Done. you have 2 montoirs working on computer.
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    I have a 256MB Geforce 5200 card AGP 8x. It has One analog and one digital out. I would like to connect both LCD's digitally. Is that even possible? If not, I will just do as you say and connect the one digital and the other analog.

    Thanks for the help
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  6. I am coming up on needing a new computer and monitors very soon. I plan to time it around the release of eSignal 8.0

    On this topic of video cards that have dual output, one being Digital and one Analog, what differences will one see in the real world with two idenical monitors side by side with one running digital and one analog viewing charting software?

  7. I have recently built a trading system for metastock and esignal. Here is my setup, I have agp ati aiw 7500. This is a single digital output card, hooked up to dell 18 inch lcd. 2nd card is pci ati 7500 which has dual output, one of them is digital, other is analog both are hooked to dell 18 inch lcd. There is definitely difference in picture quality, digital looks much better, but I don't think it would matter too much for trading purposes.
    The installation is not tricky but remember insert one card at a time and install its driver and make it work before puting a another card. Winxp supports upto 8 displays. after 2nd card is installed just right click on desktop and choose properties and go to settings and you will see two or three monitors there you just have to enable each of them individually. I hope this helps.
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    Appreciate all the elpful responces. Thanks.
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    I have the Radeon 9800. One analog/one digital. Just plug an adapter in and you can use both lcd's
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