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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by The newb, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Good afternoon all. Currently I am using and HP Pavilion laptop with Vista and I am connecting a 32" TV to to it via the one VGA port that it has, so what I have right now is a laptop screen and the TV screen. I am looking to add a third screen in the mix and my question is on how to connect it. I dont think an additional video card is and option since this is a laptop. Can I get some sort of an add-on or an expansion that I can connect to my VGA port and it will allow me to plug in 2 output devices instead of one, or can can I get some sort of converter that would allow me to connect the second VGA monitor via usb? Do you think this will work or am I missing something? Will the 2 external screen conflict with each other? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. Matrox has a device too, but its been a few years since I have seen it.
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  5. A caution about those USB to DVI devices to hook up external monitors to a laptop. I have a couple of them, different makes... but both suffer the same problem. If you look at relatively static displays on the USB-driven monitor it should be okay. But if you use it for real-time price charts like I do (TradeStation 1-min charts), those devices blank out the screen about 2 times a second or once a second to do the refreshes. In essence your additional monitor is flickering all the time.

    Unless maybe I am doing something wrong. But there is absolutely no knob or dip-switches or even application software to change any settings. You just plug them in and that's it.
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    I've been using two of them for over a year with none of the problems you discribed.
  7. i have had multi monitor set ups for over 10 years using matrox graphics cards up to 8 screen functionality
    superb multi monitor full drag desk tops etc
    the good ones not cheap but do the job

    older versions can be bought from e bay for very little
  8. Thanks for the tips Mike and Rock. I use Diamond and IOGear USB-to-DVI devices. Perhaps it's the manufacturer issue? Need to check it out.