Connecticut Republicans Backstab Gun Owners

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  1. I just had a 7 hour drive today myself, just got back from Austin. I like that place. No need to respond it was tongue in cheek, not serious.
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    And when you wake up in the am, tell bent arrow to go fuck himself!
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  3. Actually, it isn't very hard to stay out of harm's way. But, the Feds want more compliant, complacent individuals like yourself, who will put up with just about damn near anything, as long as it doesn't affect their comfort zone, while the country is literally being hijacked. I salute you, sir. Good job.
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    + "the 47%"
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  5. You chose your battles and I'll chose mine.
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  6. How about first choosing not to elect the enemy.
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  7. I agree that Romney was the enemy of working Americans. I don't think he realized it but most of us working Americans saw it.
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  8. These kinds of laws are troubling for two reasons.

    One, they target people who are law-abiding. The vast majority of gun owners are responsible and no threat to anyone. Yet they are now subject to onerous regulations that give them a Hobson's choice of submitting and thereby forfeiting their rights , or ignoring the law and running the risk of prosecution and prison.

    Liberals are prepared to run insane risks with public health and safety when one of their special interests is involved. Whether it is turning violent criminals loose, letting homos spread AIDS, having no border security, turning a blind eye to chinese spying, etc, it never matters what the ordinary citizens think. We have to be prepared to run risks if the alternative is restricting some dangerous or dysfunctional behavior that liberals approve of.

    When it's guns however, they are quick to fan the flames of public fear and then "demand" action, even though that action has no relationship to the threat. Hysteria and ignorance trump common sense.

    The other problem with these types of laws is that they give government way too much leeway to persecute people who have become an annoyance or worse to them. We have far too many laws that are not really enforced, except when some poor slob manages to get crosswise with the authorities. Then they have this arsenal of laws to use to throw the book at him.

    It's similar to our drug laws. They're widely ignored, particularly in the urban jungle areas. But you're always at some risk. The cops like having that power, knowing if they dig enough, they'll probably find something they can charge you with.
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  9. Like I've said before your powers of discernment are LOUSY.
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    LOL, Ricter. :D
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