Connecticut Republicans Backstab Gun Owners

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    I know TX is willing to help pay their moving costs if they relocate there. I'm unable to find where they're going on the net. I heard Texas and Wyoming are begging them to come there. After all it will bring the state that gets them close to $100M/yr. CO must be smoking some wickedly stupid LEGAL weed to pull this kind of shit! My Family there is flipping completely out over it. They like to shoot holes in paper targets, and don't smoke weed... They're considering moving. So sad.

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  2. Or committing fraud on federal applications to get approval. Whatever it takes right. The only good law is a law you agree with. Disagree with a law, then find a way to get around it or break the law without getting caught, right. The new anarchy party is formed. No texting in school zones, to hell with government restrictions, we'll text where we damn well please. No drinking and driving, not for mr Lucrum. Bank robbery, hell yes ONLY IF you think it's ok. The new American law is determined by who has the most firepower, hell yes! Now please excuse me while I order a gun online.
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  3. Clearly Conn. has gone too far, as well as New York, with disregard for 2nd amendment rights.
    Gun Mfgs. pulling out of those states is a very rational decision.
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    And when they lose Colt, and 700 JOBS, guarantee that one will hurt. Magpul leaving CO with it's 200 employees is taking away close to $100M from the state of Colorado. I imagine CT will lose close to $400M/yr due to their knee jerk fascists they've elected into power. I hope Colt moves to a REAL State like TX!
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  5. Quite frankly I agree with the above. Laws hold no moral obligation over my adherence or complicity to them.

    case in point govt regs required me to fill out paperwork (20plus pages of info )on pt's for tracking of how much treatment per diagnosis and results.

    This imposed self reporting was used to ration how much the govt is willing to spend per diagnosis.

    Myself I filled out the paperwork, completed every blank, I just never promised it would be correct. That's their fucking problem not mine, never and I say never does INFORMATIONAL reporting to big brother benefit the current pt or future ones.(of course now that we have obamacare and have solved the problem of limited resources, everything is free without cost whatsoever.)

    I could go on and on People need to wake the fuck up and realize laws have NO moral backing to them and should quit pretending that they do.
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  6. You give em hell Phoenix as for myself I won't chance getting into trouble with the Feds or risk federal prison just to prove a point. I like having fun and I don't think I'd have much fun in prison.
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  7. I can understand that sentiment because we like to think of ourselves as upright law abiding citizens. Unfortunately benign govt is the exception not the rule.
    But what happens when the laws and those who make them are CLEARLY malevolent. say like the Nuremberg laws or NK today? Or the cyprus confiscation the politically connected were allowed to get their money out before capital controls were placed. So doesn't that mean everybody else morally has every right to protect their savings anyway and by all means necessary up to and including killing those who would prevent them?
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    Dont post whne yuo aer drunk
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    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! You say that, and look at your "English." In addition, AA makes sense in his posts. Best thing I can say is pull your bottom lip over your head and swallow!

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    You sure are gullible, I made up that line about the question.
    If I think about it I'll respond to the rest tomorrow. Just finished a nine hour drive and I'm tired.
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