Connecticut Republicans Backstab Gun Owners

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  1. Connecticut is in the process of passing the country's most draconian anti-gun law. It is unconstitutionla on it sface, but they don;t care. They want to ban hundreds of guns commonly used for self defense, severely limit mag sizes, etc, plus impose a registration and fingerprinting requirement on owners of existing AR-style rifles. They even plan to require registration of existing mags over the cap limit.

    What concerns me is the following:

    "Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, a Fairfield Republican whose district includes Newtown, said Republicans and Democrats have understood they needed to "rise above politics" when they decided to come up with a legislative response to the massacre.

    "At the end of the day, I think it's a package that the majority of the people of Connecticut I know will be proud of," he said."

    The national republican party can't attack fellow republicans quickly enough if they make some unPC verbal gaffe. Any republican who doesn't fully embrace the homo lifestyle, celebrate illegal aliens and take MLK day off to deeply meditate about his greatness can count on a verbal shellacking from McCain et al. Yet here we have a bunch of RINOs in connecticut cheerleading an assault on the Second Amendment and lawful gun owners.

    Does anyone in the national party see how this taints the republican brand with their base? We had assholes like Jeb Bush mouthing off about the Arizona immigration law. Is anyone going to call these bozos? I'm waiting.
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    I'm of the opinion that as more and more of these absurd, largely useless, gun restrictions get rammed down our throats. More and more formerly otherwise law abiding citizens are going to start ignoring the guns laws, en masse.
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    Communism is growing like a wildfire in America!:mad:

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    You're not the first person I've heard say that. I think that will absolutely happen!

    Wonder if these lawmakers were to step on the 13th Amendment, and re-start slavery? Would anyone in their right mind think blacks would follow the new "laws" passed, and go be slaves? Don't think so. Well, the 2nd Amendment is being stepped on, and this time, I think the lawlessness will run rampant, no question. Free people are sick and tired of big gubment taking away their right to defend themselves with good, capable defensive weapons, while big gubment at the same time considers using drones on AMERICAN PEOPLE!

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  5. The first step for conservatives to take back the nation is a revolt against the repub establishment. As a collective, they have no principles and no balls. What good does it do us for them to 'win', if there is barely a discernible difference between the parties?
  6. In fact... the only way Repubs can win ANYTHING now is to endorse policies further Left than the current Leftists... making Repubs RINO.

    Our choices now are like "The Devil vs. The Deep Blue Sea"

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  7. "take MLK day off to deeply meditate" Classic. This is USA 2013....LMAO! The two-party system is disintegrating before your very eyes.
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    To add, the America we knew is disintegrating as well.:(

  9. Ironically, Connecticut has a rich history of firearms manufacturing. Colt, Mossberg and Stag Arms, among others, are based there. The state has terrible economic problems and can ill afford to lose them. Colt has already threatened to leave. The state recently pulled an offer to financially assist Bushmaster to move there.

    Magpul, which makes magazines and gun parts like stocks and pistol grips, has already announced it is moving out of Colorado.
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    We're trying to get all the arms manufacturers to move to Texas. Come on down, boys.
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