Connecticut Judge rules that illegal aliens rounded up in deportation raid can sue ..

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  1. "violated their 4th, 5th and 10th Amendment rights"

    Illegals have Amendment rights? Would this happen in Mexico where most of the illegals were from? This is what is wrong with the US.
  2. Everybody have human rights.
  3. Well, let's see. Illegals are CRIMINALS... it's a crime to be in the US "illegally".

    Illegals should be rounded up and DEPORTED!! US Constitutional rights are for US CITIZENS.
  4. The the lower the wage, the more rights you get... :D
  5. Criminals also have human rights.
  6. If you don't have due process for illegals, you can't have due process for citizens, by definition.
  7. From my reading of the Constitution I don't see any exclusion for rights in our country and anyone in the USA is protected by the constitution.
    It is immaterial what Mexico would do with illegal immigrants, we don't make their laws and they don't make ours.
    Due process and Constitutional rights are what is right with our country.
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    This thread is crazy. Just read the decision

    What they are saying that they CAN sue so that federal agents cannot break into a house without a warrant, arrest people, coerce them to sign documents and hold them in jail for at least three days. Half the people arrested were found to be in the country legally.

    What abut this scenario, A anti-income tax group is holding a meeting. The IRS breaks in, arrests everyone without a search warrant, and tries to get citizens to sign a document that they did not pay their federal taxes and holds everyone for three days in jail even if they did not sign.
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    Yes! Mexico is not caring about human rights. This is from only 2008. And that corrupt government take the bribes for freedom. Bribes talk louder than human rights.

    "Approximately 2,000 Cubans are currently being held in Mexican immigration detention centers."
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