connect multiple to computers same IB account?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by MrPaul, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. MrPaul


    Has anyone experienced complications with using two computers (say a laptop and a desktop) to connect to the same IB account? (Using one machine for charts and one for order entry) I attempted it and one screen kept turning neon purple. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance...:)
  2. Tums


    you can open up to 3 accounts on each computer.

    each account can only opened once at a time.

    if you need datafeed, open the papertrade account on the 2nd computer.
  3. MrPaul


    Thank you very much...Great idea:cool:
  4. dchang0


    Wait, isn't the demo user account delayed by 15 or 20 minutes? Wouldn't do much good for intraday trading.

    I assume then that by "paper trading account," you mean one that is funded but that you won't trade live with. But then, why not just sign up with a real data provider and get the additonal features of backfills, etc.?
  5. just click on the link I posted, which explains the IB paper trading account. This is different from the "Live TWS demo".
  6. rwk


    You can connect to only one logon at a time, but you can have multiple logons per account. Each logon has its own data charges.