Connect Excel App. to TWS on PC across network

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  1. I have NinjaTrader(8.0.20 64-bit) connect to TWS(64-bit) on the same PC(64-bit Window7), that prevents my Excel app connect to TWS somehow. It looks like I can't have both NinjaTrader and Excel app connect to TWS at the same time on the same PC. I wonder if it's possible to connect Excel app on another PC across network to the TWS. How to do that? There used to have a app, TWS2DDE, that can connect Excel app to TWS remotely. But I can't find the current version of TWS2DDE any where. Does anyone have it?
  2. Haven't been using TWS for a long time, but IIRC, all API clients require a different client id. See this

    If you are able to connect both, but just not at the same time, it's definitely a client id issue.

    I have most definitely connected multiple apps to TWS, and it's 100% possible. I just don't remember the details. Also, DDE connection has to be from the same PC. But if you are using the ActiveX version of the spreadsheet, I believe it can be on a remote PC
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  3. Also, recently had the misfortune at looking at IB's web trading site. My god, it's straight out of year 1999